Dear Sidney – 10/12/2023

Oct 11, 2023 | Dear Sidney

I’m getting ready for winter here in Crestline. Will be taking down the pastel umbrellas and putting them into the buildup, as soon as they dry off from the recent rain.

There are several social events coming up on the mountain that I really want to attend – and not alone! First off there’s the Rotary Club’s fundraiser dinner Lobster at the Lake on Oct. 21. The tickets are $60. My angst is that my best friend, whom I so very much enjoy spending time with, can’t or won’t spend that kind of money for a dinner. She’s also nixed my taking her out to lunch on her 70th birthday at the end of the month. Why? Because she says that she can no longer reciprocate when my next birthday rolls along.

I’m blessed to be able to treat my friends on occasion. I very much enjoy doing that. But this friend has poo-poohed any suggestion that I purchase tickets for her or pay the tab. She is on a very tight fixed Social Security income only.

Any suggestions on how I can walk this tightrope and keep this friendship?


Hoping to Pay It Forward


Dear Pay It Forward,


My immediate response is for you to purchase a lobster ticket for your girlfriend and give it to her in a funny birthday card. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! If she stands her ground and refuses the ticket, I’ll meet you at the San Moritz lodge on Oct. 21 at, let’s say, 6:00 p.m.?

No one should be forced to eat buttered lobster alone.




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