A tux, a dress and sneakers: Rim High’s Homecoming celebrations

Oct 25, 2023 | Education

Homecoming King and Queen, Alan Taylor and Madison Cummins, pose for photos.

By Diane Zhang

Special to the Alpine Mountaineer


On the evening of Friday, Oct. 13, Rim of the World High’s School’s varsity football team faced off with Rialto High School at their first league game of the season. As the chilly night air descended, the student section filled with Rim High students was bursting with energy as fans waved their foam light sticks and shouted out their support for the Fighting Scots.

Senior student Isabella Hust showing off her Scot Spirit.

Senior student Isabella Hust showing off her Scot Spirit.

Of these fervent fans, only one would be named “Fan of the Week” at the end of the night. That fan ended up being senior student Isabella Hust, who was awarded a gift basket to celebrate her new title.

During half-time, a parade of floats drifted by the audiences in the bleachers. Lined with dazzling lights and festive balloons, each float corresponded to a designated class theme color: the senior class colors were black and red, the juniors were black and blue, sophomores were white and gold, and freshmen were green and purple. Showers of candy and confetti came raining down into the stands as the celebrations continued.

Shortly after, the members of the Homecoming court were announced. Senior students Alan Taylor and Madison Cummins were crowned Homecoming King and Queen, respectively. They donned their crowns and sashes while posing for photos on the track.

“We’re so excited!” said Madison. “The floats were definitely one of the best parts.”

Alan stated his excitement for the upcoming Homecoming dance: “It’s our last year,” he said. Indeed, Homecoming is a special time for senior students in their last year of high school.

The Homecoming football game ended with a fantastic win for Rim High, as the Fighting Scots secured a strong victory with a final score of 35-0 against the Rialto Knights.

Students party the night away at Rim High’s Homecoming dance on Oct. 14.

Students party the night away at Rim High’s Homecoming dance on Oct. 14.

The next evening, on Oct. 14, Rim High students gathered at Rim High School’s new gym for the Homecoming dance, which started at 7 p.m. Since the dance would take place on the basketball court of the new gym, all students were required to wear rubber-soled shoes to protect the floors. Shimmering dresses, pressed suits and sneakers filled the laser beam-lighted hallways of the school as the Homecoming dance fell into full swing.

Students gathered on the floor of the new gym to dance the night away as music blasted through the gym until 10 p.m., when the dance finally drew to a close. It was a night of memories, particularly for freshmen students having their first Homecoming dance, and for senior students having their last.

There are always more events on the horizon at Rim High School – stay tuned for more news!


Rim High senior Diane Zhang is president of the National Honor Society and will be reporting on school events throughout the year.


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