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Oct 25, 2023 | Government, Local

October 10, 2023


CRL (Driving W/SUS/RV License) Lake Gregory Dr/Geneva Dr – Vehicle stopped due to expired registration – driver identified with ID card – found to be driving with a suspended license – vehicle towed by Edwins – driver issued citation and released in the field


LAA (Follow Up) Rockledge Ln – Limited report


LAA (Found Property) Rhine Rd – Contraband taken for destruction


LAA (Vandalism) S State Hwy 173 – Location is second home – RP was last at her home approximately three weeks ago – the window was intact – deputy arrived at 1:30 p.m. and saw a large hole in the living room window with a large rock on the floor – no evidence was located at the scene


VOE (Petty Theft) N State Hwy 138/Vista Ln – Received information regarding suspect being involved in a theft of wire – the information was posted on Facebook – deputy located two suspects at location actively stripping the copper from the stolen wire – deputy located about two grams of suspected methamphetamine in the vehicle during a consent search – under Miranda, suspect 1 admitted to stealing the wire to strip and sell the copper – suspect 1 directed deputy to the location where he stole the wire from – deputy contacted the victim who desired prosecution – suspects were both transported to jail – suspect 1 was booked and charged with petty theft, possession of stolen property, possession of drugs and an outstanding misdemeanor warrant – suspect 2 was booked and charged with possession of stolen property and possession of drugs


CRL (Vehicle Burglary) Valley View Dr – RP in Twin Peaks Station lobby – sometime between 1:00 a.m. and 3:30 a.m., unknown subject(s) smashed three of the victim’s work vehicle windows – victim’s wallet and work iPhone were stolen – $1,300.00 in damage to windows – victim’s driver’s license and multiple credit cards were taken – victim immediately contacted his cards the morning of the burglary – one card had been used at 30th St 76 Station – negative surveillance – requested information for card used to follow up and iPhone serial number for teletype – victim believes may be related to “drug house” and shady characters in the area – victim referred to We Tip line for anonymous reporting


TPK (290 Registrant) Twin Peaks Station – No report


CED (Illegal Entry & 594) Hemlock Dr – Two unknown subjects broke the glass window on the door and gained access to the residence – only one item believed to be stolen – a Honda pressure washer which was never returned by the contractor who is homeless in San Bernardino


October 11, 2023


LAA (Assist Other Department) Arrowhead Villa Rd – 10 minutes ago – RP’s 6-year-old grandson left location – unknown where her went – upset over issues with parents – babysitter lives a few blocks away – unknown if he may have been en route to her location – located juvenile inside the house


RSP (P/M/S Danger Weapon) Pleasant Dr – Limited report


LAA (Driving W/O License) State Hwy 173/Golden Rule – Driver cited – his vehicle was released to a licensed driver


CRL (Follow Up) Pioneer Camp Rd – Report taken for documentation


CRL (Warrant Arrest) Lake Dr/Houston – Suspect contacted during a consensual encounter – suspect found to have an active warrant for drugs – suspect advised she needed to return to San Bernardino – deputy transported suspect and her cat to San Bernardino – suspect issued a new court date for the warrant – provided with a citation – teletype sent


CRL (Possession Stolen Property) N State Hwy 138 – Area check – vehicle unoccupied – warrant signed – medical advised to stage – 40King fueling and will be en route – vehicle towed – contacted registered owner to advise of tow – interior of vehicle swabbed for DNA


LAA (488 Retail) Stater Bros – Subject walked into the Staters Bros – stole $20.00 bottle of Jack – subject identified by video surveillance – subject spoke to deputy via phone – said he would meet at Blue Jay Jensen’s for an interview, but never showed


CRL (Robbery) Heatherly Ln – Victim stated subject came over to residence demanding $1,500.00 for his dirt bikes that allegedly belonged to subject – victim did not have the money to give – subject no longer wanted money, instead wanted victim’s Harley Davidson motorcycle – subject struck victim’s friend in the face with a small wooden bat that had a metal skull on the end of it – subject then jabbed a lawn chair in the victim’s face and punched him four to five times, causing injury – victim feared for his life and gave the keys – subject drove off with motorcycle – CHP 180 signed – teletype entered – pending warrant for subject


October 12, 2023


RSP (Vehicle Burglary) Knoll View Dr – CHP transfer – sometime between 8:30 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. on 10/12/23, unknown subject(s) broke the victim’s passenger side window of her locked Jeep Compass – victim’s center console and glove compartment were opened – a pair of prescription glasses in a pink Juicy case were taken – victim provided deputy with contact information to send surveillance over – white sedan seen driving by several times around 4:30 a.m. on 10/12/23


ARB (Petty Theft) Blue Jay Ln – RP would like contact reference an earlier report – victim found her black wallet was stolen from her vehicle – wallet contained her driver’s license, membership cards, credit and debit cards


CRL (Possession Control Substance) Pine Dr – Contacted suspect during a consensual encounter – found to be in possession of methamphetamine – cite released in field


BLU (Adult Protective Services) Valley View Dr/Crest Forest Dr – No report


LAA (Warrant Arrest) Lake Arrowhead Village – White, male adult – states he is not allowed at the store – victim had a verbal argument with her brother – suspect found to have an active warrant – transported and arrested at CDC – citation issued


October 13, 2023


CRL (Vandalism) State Hwy 18/Waterman Canyon Rd – Occurred last night – RP advising forklift broken into – dash broken – ignition tampered with – windows broken – will be rotating between job sites if not there – approximately $8,000.00 in damage


RSP (Petty Theft) Magic Dr – On 10/11/23, victim parked his 2018 Chevy Silverado on the curb at location – the vehicle was unlocked, as the key fob was not working – on 10/12/23 at approximately 8:00 a.m., the driver, passenger and center console were open – victim is missing a portable charger and a gray duffle bag with stitching on the side (value $125.00) containing miscellaneous items – incident location is not equipped with video surveillance – no evidence located at scene


CRL (Found Narcotics) Valle Dr – RP saw a small bag tied closed in his gravel driveway a few days ago – RP remembered it was there today – felt he should probably contact law enforcement out of caution – bag contains unknown white powder substance – taken to Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Staton to be entered into property and evidence


RSP (Theft by Fraud) Silver Spruce Dr – RP was contacted by a phone number claiming to be the FBI – RP was listed as a missing person, per the “agent” – agent stated he needed to provide the driver’s license and social security number – RP wired the agent $1,000.00 through Zelle – RP emailed all requested items to the agent’s email – RP contacted the bank to cancel money transaction – RP was provide with report number


CRL (Driving W/O License) Lake Dr/Zurich Dr – Driver stopped for no front license plate – found to be driving without a license – vehicle released to driver with a valid license – arrest made


October 14, 2023


LAA (Miscellaneous Incident) Golf Course Rd – CHP transfer – RP called reference a previous call – subject believed he was drugged – subject walked home – was located by deputies on the door of his kitchen – Fire forced entry into the residence – found the male unresponsive – male was transported to Mountains Community Hospital for treatment – residence was secured


LAA (Failure to Yield Felony) State Hwy 173/ Yosemite Rd – Deputy observed an ATV driving on Hwy 173 with no lights on – deputy attempted to conduct a traffic stop – vehicle did not yield – ran a red light on a one-lane highway – vehicle continued to drive without regard to anyone’s safety for over two miles – vehicle crossed the double yellow line into oncoming traffic multiple times – did not use blinker or hand signal – subject drove up a driveway – ran on foot into the forest –  was not located – teletype sent– vehicle towed


CRL Shoplifting) Lake Dr/Lake Gregory Dr – Deputy was flagged down by 7-Eleven manager about a female who just stole from the store – deputy contacted female down the street – saw all the items described as stolen – one pack Oreos, a long beef stick, 20 oz Pepsi, and 20 oz. Mountain Dew – items seized – totaled $18.83 – prosecution was desired – suspect arrested and taken to CDC – incident also captured via camera


LAA (Theft by Fraud) Matterhorn Dr – On 9/23/23, RP went to subject’s residence to deliver firewood – subject asked the RP if he could pay through Zelle – used Zelle QR code to make payment – subject asked RP for the six-digit code to fulfill the payment – paid the RP for firewood – after that date, payments from the RP’s customers through Zelle were being deposited into a different account – RP claimed the account belonged to the subject


LAA (Domestic Battery) Teakwood Dr – Open line – female screaming – RP keeps saying dad is hurting her mom really bad – suspect and his wife had an argument – during the argument, wife told husband to calm down or she would call 9-1-1 – husband told wife to call the cops he was going to arm himself – husband grabbed gun and started to load the magazine for the handgun – wife took the magazine from the husband – husband grabbed his wife from the wrists to get the magazine back – left marks on her wrist


October 15, 2023


CRL (Driving W/SUS/RV License) San Moritz Dr/Lake Gregory Dr – Vehicle stopped for failure to stop at the stop sign – driver found to have a suspended license from a DUI and in- and out-county warrants – suspect was arrested and booked – warrants were confirmed and sent to CDC – vehicle released to passenger and registered owner


CRL (Paraphernalia) Forest Shade Rd – Motion detected at business – no signs of entry – suspect detained walking away from business – suspect in possession of multiple glass pipes containing white and black residue – based on deputy training and experience, deputy believed the pipes to be used to ingest methamphetamine – arrest made – booked into CDC – signed his citation


CRL (Warrant Arrest) Crest Forest Dr/S State Hwy 138 – Deputy contacted suspect in Top Town who he knew had multiple warrants – advised him deputy would put him back on calendar – he was cite released – no contraband found on subject


CED (Obscene Phone Calls) Hemlock Dr – Victim’s cousin has continuously sent threatening and harassing text messages to the victim and his wife – subject believed to live in Florida and have mental health issues – unable to find contact number or address for subject – no additional leads


TPK (Warrant Arrest) State Hwy 189 – White male adult appears to be drunk or on drugs – just standing around – unknown what he’s doing – states he was cutting his clothing with a knife – states he’s not being aggressive – just wants him to move along – suspect was contacted outside of the church – suspect was found to have a no bail warrant – suspect was jail checked at San Bernardino Community Hospital before being booked at CDC


CRL (Possession Narcotics) Fern Dr – RP wants everyone except subject to leave her residence – RP is five minutes away – states everyone else who is staying there does not have her permission – she wants them gone today – RP talking about several other topics – contacted suspect during a civil dispute – suspect was found to be in possession of about one gram of suspected black tar heroin – suspect was issued an citation for violation – released in the field


October 16, 2023


CRL (Assault) Forest Shade Rd – Subject attempted to grab an 8-year-old female walking to Boys & Girls Club – victim ran to safety at the club – victim said she was walking down the ramp behind the Crestline library toward the tennis courts – an unknown male grabbed onto her backpack, pulled her back and she leaned forward and grabbed the hand railing – subject later identified – held her backpack for approximately 15-25 seconds – let go and walked away – suspect was detained – spoke under Miranda – said he was walking through the library parking lot headed to the post office – he saw victim in front of him walking down the ramp – he saw victim’s backpack get snagged on the horizontal bar of the railing – he said it appeared something hanging from the backpack zipper caught – she was trying to get the backpack free – suspect went around her and continued toward the post office – neither party ever said one word to each other – there were no witnesses or cameras in the area – mother signed a citizen’s arrest form for battery – suspect cite released shortly after


LAA (Drunk in Public) Polar Dr – RP’s son was drunk and pushing RP around – RP wants him removed – subject screaming in the background – negative weapons – suspect found out in the street arguing with his dad – during deputy contact, suspect was seen to be extremely under the influence – arrest made


CRL (Dunk in Public) Fern Dr – Unknown male subject lying in the middle of the street outside of a car – appears subject is drunk – crawling toward a car with an open door – CHP to handle the DUI with the driver of the vehicle – suspect was unable to walk without assistance and slurred his speech – suspect informed deputy he lived nearby, but his residence was red tagged due to the roof having damage – suspect admitted he drank three beers and half a pint of rum – stated he was drunk


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