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Nov 1, 2023 | Government, Local

October 17, 2023


RSP (Death Investigation) Deep Creek Dr – 77-year-old male subject found down on the ground – confirmed deceased – natural – no signs of neglect, trauma or abuse – released to mortuary – extensive medical history


LAA (Grand Theft Auto) N State Hwy 173 – Sometime between 4:00 p.m. on 10/16/23 and 6:00 a.m. on 10/17/23, unknown subject(s) stole the victim’s 2001 white Ford F250 – vehicle was parked in parking area off Hwy 173 – unlocked with spare key left in glove department – vehicle had paint chipped on hood and dent to front chrome bumper – per RP, no one would have known key was left inside – negative surveillance – will follow up with neighboring homes for surveillance – CHP 180 completed – teletype sent


CRL (Embezzle Vehicle) N State Hwy 138 – Two U-Hauls from two different customers were not returned – one was supposed to be returned on 10/12 and the other on 10/17 – subject rented a U-Haul truck bearing Arizona plate on 10/7 and was due back on 10/10 – as of 10/17, the truck had not been returned to the storage location – RP contacted subject over the phone on 10/13 and requested the U-Haul back – subject told RP the truck was “stolen” from him – RP able to identify subject – has surveillance – RP provided copy of subject’s driver’s license and vehicle registration – CHP 180 completed


VOE (Attempt Burglary) Pine Ln – On 10/17/23 between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m., unknown subject(s) removed the victim’s screen – attempted to open the window, but unable to gain access due to the window being locked – finger/palm prints were on the window, but no latent prints were lifted due to the window covered in dirt – no video surveillance of incident


October 18, 2023


RSP (Death Investigation) Hilltop Blvd – Start medical for unconscious female – medical en route – units ready for coroner – 46-year-old female found down in bathroom at friend’s residence – family lives in Fresno – subject transported to coroner for autopsy


VOE (Grand Theft) Pine Ln – RP stated on 10/6/23, unknown subject stole a toolbox with miscellaneous tools from the bed of his truck – RP stated the subject returned to the front steps of RP’s residence and stole locks that were on his front steps – subject placed the stolen items in a blue Chevy SUV – drove away – RP stated the total cost of stolen items was $1,100.00 – RP advising he will provide video of the incident


RSP (Tow Authority) Hilltop Blvd/Wilderness Rd – Vehicle stopped for no plates – vehicle registration expired over six months – towed – CHP 180 completed – teletype entered


RSP (Embezzle Vehicle) Village Market – Subject rented 10-foot U-Haul box truck – was supposed to return it on 10/7 – has not been returned – records check located subject living in Arrowbear – photo lineup created – positive ID – unable to contact due to a priority call – deputies will attempt to contact subject at a later time – per RP, vehicle was valued at $25,000.00


LAA (Keeping of Property) Short Cut – RP in Twin Peaks Station lobby – RP turned in husband’s two guns for safekeeping – restraining order served against owner of firearms – RP took firearms during a domestic dispute


CRL (Domestic Battery) Pioneer Camp Rd – Victim and suspect have been in a dating relationship for about four years – lived together for three and a half years – share a 2-year-old together – during an argument, suspect attempted to grab the victim’s phone – a struggle ensued – suspect placed the victim in a headlock-style choke hold and forced the victim’s arm behind her back – victim sustained a sprained elbow – arrest made


October 19, 2023


ARB (Embezzle Vehicle) Hilltop Blvd – RP allowed subject to use the two trailers to transport boats to boat yard – a short time later, RP damaged a non-involved boat, which subject had to repair – subject contacted RP and stated he would not return the trailers until he was paid for the boat repairs – deputy spoke to subject about civil process – advised him he could not hold trailers for ransom – he stated he would not return the trailers until he received the money for the repairs – subject informed that a report will be taken for embezzlement and sent to the DA’s office – subject said he spoke to the under-sheriff and was told the proper procedure – subject thought it was right to keep the trailers – subject called his wife on the phone – claimed wife works for SBCSD – wife notified deputies the RP owes them money – confirmed that the two trailers were on their property, but refused to release them


CED (Follow Up) Lyon Dr – No report


CRL (Follow Up) Wildrose Ln – Limited report


CRL (Violation DVRO) Arbula Dr – CHP transfer – victim has a domestic violence restraining order against subject – he can only communicate with the victim through TalkingParents app about their children – on 10/19/23 at approximately 9:00 a.m. – victim received a message on TalkingParents which appeared to be unrelated to their children – victim wanted to report a violation of the DVRO


CRL (Petty Theft) Old Mill Rd – Unknown subject(s) entered the victim’s unlocked vehicle – stole victim’s wallet – wallet contained the victim’s driver’s license and miscellaneous bank cards – no purchases were made on the cards – negative video in the area


RSP (Warrant Arrest) Hilltop Blvd – CHP transfer – RP says there is a transient, white male adult yelling/cursing at himself – advising subject is swinging a metal pipe around (not toward anyone) – possibly drunk/on drugs – suspect is allowed by vape shop to hang out in their owned parking spots – suspect was smashing a bag of Goldfish with a stick because he likes to eat them as crumbs – upon arrival, suspect found to have a warrant – cite released – advised of court date – suspect will visit station tomorrow to speak to station social worker about homeless programs – suspect agreed to leave area for the evening to keep the peace


CRL (Disturbance) Weisshorn Dr – Complaint of loud music at location – RP signed a citizen’s arrest – RP upset neighbor was playing vulgar music loudly – subject issued a citation


TPK (Lost Property) State Hwy 189 – RP in Twin Peaks Station lobby – RP’s wedding ring fell off at the farmer’s market – RP has a picture of it – the estimated cost of the ring is $10,000.00


CRL (DRV/W/SUS/RV License) Straight Way/Forest Shade Rd – Vehicle stopped – driver found to have suspended driver’s license – driver cite released in field – vehicle released to registered owner who had a valid license from Florida


October 20, 2023


CRL (Violation DVRO) Arbula Dr – RP reporting juvenile’s father has been messaging juvenile through juvenile’s iPad – talking about sexual things and bad about RP – says she called earlier for juvenile’s father making threats against her – will have paperwork – requesting contact from deputy – subject is the restrained person in an active DVRO with his ex-wife and their children – victim is subject’s son – subject is allowed to have positive communication with the victim – on 10/19/23 at about 7:00 p.m., subject sent multiple voice text messages to the victim explaining why his parents got divorced and multiple other negative messages – subject’s ex-wife believed this violated the active DVRO – wanted to report the incident to law enforcement


CPP (Elder Abuse) Lovers Ln – RP and mother were verbally arguing inside the room – mother approached RP – began to yell in her face – mother began to dump her purse on the ground, which upset the RP – RP stood up and grabbed her mother by the shirt – pushed her out of the way, hitting her head on the floor – mother had visible laceration and bruising on her forehead – refused medical attention – RP was arrested and booked into CDC without incident


BLU (Adult Protective Services) State Hwy 189 – Concerned that subject 1 has had several hospital visits for falls – RP is concerned because subject 2 is resistant to all government assistance – RP believes subject 2 is unable to care for subject 1 properly – has hoarding tendencies which negatively affect subject 1’s health


CPP (Possession Control Substance) Mozumdar Dr – Female not breathing – Fire starting CPR – subject is diabetic – unknown if overdose – subject suffered a medical emergency – was transferred to St. Bernadine’s for medical attention – two small Ziploc baggies were found in subject’s purse containing a white crystal-like substance consistent with methamphetamine


TPK (Terrorist Threats) Alpine Ln – Employee was terminated today – is now sending threatening text messages – employee is trying to blame RP for being terminated – texting RP that he is digging RP’s grave tonight in the forest – that he is going to put RP in it – telling RP game on – male has said prior that he owned property and he used to dig holes, kill people and bury them – male lives in Cedar Glen – RP does not know the address – does not know where he lives – believes he has weapons at his uncle’s house in Orange County – has been arrested for a weapons charge and having his kids in the car – RP is having anxiety from texts – medical denied – last text received approximately 3:22 p.m. – no answer at door – subject advised he’s in Orange County until next week – will take subject statement on 10/24


October 21, 2023


RSP (Driving W/O License) Hunsaker Dr/Edison Way – Driver found to be driving without a license – citation issued


TPK (Assault W/Weapon) Thunderbird Dr – CHP transfer – on 10/21/23, at approximately 3:00 a.m., deputies responded to a call reference a female screaming for help with additional information of a male who was stabbed – when deputy arrived, he contacted a white, male adult who had received a stab wound – deputy located a small black knife with blood spatter on the handle – the blade appeared to have been wiped clean – gray shorts with fresh blood stains were located on the bed of the white pickup truck – there are two vehicles outside the residence – victim had a stab wound on his lower abdomen and a bite mark on his upper right bicep – victim told deputies there was a female inside the residence, but did not want to provide her name – victim was found with a bottle of alcohol – appeared to be impaired – blood spatter was on the stairs leading into the front door on the north side of residence – search warrant issued and served in the residence – two AR15s were found – victim had CPO which prohibited him from having firearms and ammunition


CRL (Psych Intervention/Evaluation) Alpine Dr – CHP transfer – RP and father verbally fighting – negative drinking – father possibly on drugs – father has history of doing methamphetamine – parties separated at this time – RP states he has video of incident from last night that father threatening to hit RP – states father mentioned he was going to kill RP 10 minutes ago – RP calling back – states his dad hit him with a book – subject yelled at his mother this morning – said he would “go up there and kill you” – he repeatedly called his son a name today during an argument, and then hit his son over the head with a large book – subject was deemed a threat to others – placed on a 5150 hold at San Bernardino Community Hospital


CRL (Peeping Tom) Springwater Rd – RP is in the middle of a divorce – discovered her husband has placed cameras in her room – victim was lying in bed before going to sleep – noticed a blinking light in her ceiling – she took a closer look and noticed it was a camera pointing down toward her bed – victim did not put the camera there – did not give anyone permission to put the camera in her ceiling


CRL (Miscellaneous Incident) Wildrose Ln – RP requesting to speak to deputies about a fire that occurred in January that caused the death of her friend – on Saturday, 10/21/23, deputy responded to Twin Peaks Station reference a counter call – deputy contacted RP at the station – RP advised her late husband received a letter in the mail from a close friend back in February 2022 – letter was from subject – letter was a few pages long venting about an unidentified male who lived on Wildrose Ln – RP was told by a neighbor who claimed an unknown subject started the fire with a cigarette, but would not elaborate – RP wanted to give law enforcement the letter subject wrote in case it had information related to his death – deputy took the letter and placed it into evidence – deputy was unable to locate a report number for victim’s death investigation


LAA (Vandalism) Lake Arrowhead Vlg – Subjects were dating until last week – victim parked his black GMC in the bottom level of the Arrowhead Village parking structure – when victim returned to his vehicle, he found his driver’s side front and rear tires had been slashed and were flat – on each tire was an approximately one inch cut in the sidewall – victim estimated the value to be $400.00 for each tire, totaling $800.00 – victim also found someone had written “f*** you” in the dust on his back window – a DNA swab was taken from the window – vehicle was left in the parking structure – Village security was advised – arrest made


RSP (Rape) Panorama Dr – CHP transfer – RP states his fiancé was raped on 9/3/23 – RP just found out about it – now at location with fiancé to make a report – negative weapons/drugs – negative drinking – statement taken – investigation ongoing


October 22,2023


VOE (Warrant Arrest) Pine Ln – CHP transfer – RP advising there were two male subjects in the residence directly behind her location – residence is supposed to be vacant – RP saw subjects in the rear of the residence looking around and inside the shed – unknown if subjects live there – unknown if subject had left in green Volkswagen – cite released – teletype sent


LAA (Assault) Mittry Ln – RP states neighbor assaulted him – RP states he is cut on the leg – subject states his neighbor walked and argued with him about the flashlight, then punched him on the face – subject states he fell and scraped his knee – denied medical – neighbor was not home – his wife states he left 20 minutes prior to go to work – wife states husband did not punch the subject


October 23, 2023


CRL (Brandishing Weapon) High Rd – RP advising a male pointed a gun at RP through car window –  RP was in the Crestline area for his job looking for an address – was lost and pulled over in front of subject’s residence to look for directions – RP heard a tap on the window and saw a gun – RP alleges subject pointed a gun at him while he was sitting in his vehicle


BLU (Warrant Arrest) Pine Ln – Limited report – arrest made – booked at CDC for his warrant


RSP (Vandalism) Hunsaker Dr – RP advising he has a hole in his boat – believes someone shot it – RP stores his boat in a maintenance yard on Hunsaker – docks it at Orchard Bay in Lake Arrowhead – on Friday, 10/20/23 at 12:00 p.m., RP towed boat to Lake Arrowhead marina – put boat in water – next morning at 8:00 a.m., drove boat and docked it at Lake Arrowhead Village – came back and noticed small, clean-cut hole on the starboard side consistent with a drill, not a bullet – unknown where or when it occurred – negative video in dock or yard – no suspects – advised Arrowhead Lake Association


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