Sheriff Log – 11/09/2023

Nov 8, 2023 | Local

October 24, 2023


CRL (Non-Injury Hit/Run) Grandview Dr – RP at Central Station to make a late traffic collision report – RP is inside the lobby


CRL (Adult Protective Services Follow Up) Chateau Dr – Contacted both parties at residence – information gathered


VOE (Assault) Pine Ln – RP in Twin Peaks Station lobby – prior tenants trespassing – confronting with assault and battery, along with property damage and false police reports – RP has video showing the RP tell subject she was trespassing – subject hits RP – RP shoves subject numerous times – subject knocks the phone out of RP’s hands, causing the cell phone screen to crack


TPK (Found Property) Twin Peaks Station – Found black Mickey Mouse wallet, $6.00 in cash, Grand Arts school ID, Starbucks gift card, Lego VIP card and tap card


RIM (Drunk in Public) Bridal Path – Suspect yelled something out his window – his neighbor thought he was talking to him – from his driveway, neighbor called suspect something disparaging that he couldn’t remember, so subject went downstairs and into the street to confront suspect – the two challenged each other to fight – according to neighbor, suspect charged onto his driveway toward neighbor, but suspect said an unknown male grabbed him and pulled him on neighbor’s property – subject detained suspect and called police – deputy found that suspect’s person and breath smelled strongly of alcohol, he was slurring his words and his gait was unsteady – under Miranda, suspect said he had been sipping beers since 3:30 p.m. – suspect was a danger to himself, due to his intoxication, and was arrested and booked


October 25, 2023


CRL (Commercial Burglary) B & L Liquor – On Wednesday, 10/25/23 at approximately 2:14 a.m., an unknown blue Tesla parked in front of B & L Liquor – three masked subjects exited the vehicle – one subject shattered the glass front door – gained entrance to the business – subjects were masked and had gloves attempting to avoid detection – subjects entered the business with trash bags and began filling them with cigarettes and expensive “top shelf” liquor – they gained access to the cash drawer taking $200.00 in cash – they took a coin box with approximately $100.00 in coins – all the inventory totaled approximately $10,900.00 – was taken in three different trips to the Tesla


CRL (Attempt Murder) Lake Dr – RP advising there was a shooting inside the hotel – RP’s manager was shot – is bleeding – two females are doing CPR – advising two Hispanic male adults would not leave – one male had a gun and shot at the manager – medical advised – male was shot in the head – males took off on foot – left westbound from hotel – last seen wearing dark clothing – another male who witnessed advising they left in white vehicle – advising deputies went after correct vehicle – traffic stop – passenger stepping out – RP did not witness – medical en route to vehicle for injured subject – RP out with deputies – victim still breathing – in parking lot – one gunshot wound to the head – subject in vehicle has a head injury – they are going to fly him out – subject will be transported to ARMC – have a possible subject in #4 – have not found gun yet – Loma Linda Medical ER advising victim just arrived at location – observation on the door – so far, no movement seen since she left – female claims he is not in the room – marking PA announcements – no response – CHP called to advise their units saw the bathroom light turn on in back – search warrant approved – checking bowling alley roof – nothing located on top – subject is a guest – requesting phone contact to see if he is able to get his personal belongings – received anonymous tip that a white male adult and white female adult were involved in a shooting at Sleepy Hollow Motel – left in a white BMW – says incident occurred at 1:45 a.m. – no further information provided


CRL (Vandalism) Darfo Ct – CHP transfer – husband was declared by a judge to get mental health – advising male is vandalizing incident location – saying he is coming after her – RP is hiding on the porch in the rear – male is inside damaging property – RP is scared to go inside – RP has a BB gun in the closet – unknown if male knows it’s there – negative physical – negative injury – unknown what made him act like this – RP just arrived home – male knows where RP is, but hasn’t come out to where she is – believes male will be cooperative with deputies – will try to blame her – RP wants him arrested for vandalism and out of residence – correction: not RP’s husband – will be a squatter – was a friend of RP’s that was renting location, but not paying rent – unknown if male is alone at location – prior to fight, advised his friends were coming over – RP coming to door – unknown where male is – RP no longer hearing/seeing him – suspect went to jail for felony vandalism – destroyed an estimated $10,000.00 worth of property – transported/booked into WVDC


GVL (Domestic Battery) Oak Knoll Dr – RP advising of altercation with girlfriend – advising she broke a window – female heard in the background yelling at male half about who he is talking to – saying she didn’t break into his residence that the door was open – advising female punched RP in the eye and broke male’s phone – female left in white Acura – medical declined – female doesn’t live at incident location – RP and suspect were in a dating relationship for about four years – RP said suspect slapped him twice and bit him on his back – RP had a circular welt on his back – located suspect at address – suspect said she was with RP at his residence – RP asked her to leave, so she did – suspect said there was no physical contact between the two – suspect arrested and transported to CDC


October 26, 2023


No Reports


October 27, 2023


LAA (Warrant Arrest) State Hwy 18/State Hwy 173 – Conducted vehicle check – subject was changing a wheel bearing – subject found to have an active Ramey warrant – was arrested and booked into CDC


CRL (CPS Follow Up) Erlach Dr – Contacted both parties at residence


CRL (Driving W/SUS/RV License) Lake Gregory Dr/Lake Dr – Vehicle observed driving into the 7-Eleven parking lot – vehicle came back expired as of 5/2023 – driver found to be suspended and without proof of insurance – driver clear otherwise – cited released – vehicle was allowed to park at the 7-Eleven – driver was picked up


October 28, 2023


VOE (Death Investigation) Nob Pl – RP had not heard from mother in over a week – arrived on scene – found her deceased – contacted homicide sergeant to decide on response – no medical/social history – no significant trauma – contusions in the inner thigh – small amounts of blood found around the body and residence – brought in for post


RSP (P/M/S Danger Weapon) Valley View Dr – No report


CRL (Drunk in Public) Neptune Way – Neighbors were at location having a get-together – female appears to be drunk outside of location – is upset the other subjects there would not let her leave in vehicle – female was seen throwing rocks at her vehicle – kicking and hitting it – Riverside PD transfer – female being aggressive – says she’s threatening to kill everyone in the house – female was discharged from military for disobeying orders – negative weapons seen – suspect was contacted outside of the residence acting erratically – smelled of alcohol – she demanded she be put in handcuffs at forest contact – according to witnesses at the party, suspect was threatening to kill everyone at the party – was physical with multiple party goers – suspect arrested and transported to CDC without incident


SIL (Grand Theft Auto) N State Hwy 138/Cleghorn Rd – CHP transfer – RP saying her vehicle stolen from the Silverwood scenic overlook parking lot – on Saturday, 10/28/23 between 4:30 a.m. and 8:00 a.m., RP parked and locked her vehicle in Vista Point turnout at Silverwood Lake – unknown subject(s) stole vehicle – all keys accounted for – no physical evidence – no cameras – no witnesses/suspect leads – teletype sent – area check negative


CRL (Theft by Fraud) Davos Dr – RP advised he was buying a dog – gave $300.00 down – subjects said they would deliver dog today – now subject saying they got in a traffic collision and they need $1,000.00 insurance money to express the dog – phone number provided is no longer in service – advised RP she was most likely scammed – also confirmed USPS does not transport mammals, including cats and dogs


CRL (Vandalism) State Hwy 138 – Sometime between 10/27/23 at 8:30 p.m. and 10/28/23 at 8:30 a.m., someone dented and scratched the RP’s blue Subaru – removed the cover over the driver’s door lock – no pry marks – the vehicle was locked and not entered – neighborhood check produced no witnesses or video – RP found his trashcan upside down next to the vehicle


October 29, 2023


VOE (Psych Intervention) Balsam Ln – RP advising a female has a knife – is trying to hurt herself – she has been drinking – she is leaving on foot toward the woods – possibly diagnosed with depression, anxiety and bipolar – current on her medication – she is back inside residence – subject denied she wanted to harm herself, but felt she needed mental health assistance – friends agreed to drive her to Windsor Center


CRL (Adult Protective Services Follow Up) Skyland Dr – RP requesting phone contact – RP advising that she is a caretaker for an elderly male at location – knows the other female that helps male is stealing money from him – contacted owner and subject – subject stated subject 2 left the residence with his Social Security credit card for approximately one week – came back stating someone else took it and used it – subject 2 was the only on in possession of it and knew the PIN – subject 2 never had permission to leave the residence with the card – victim canceled card – waiting for bank statements – will follow up


CRL (Found Narcotics) Outlook Ln – RP owns short-term rental – cleaning service found narcotics in the kitchen and called RP – narcotics collected – sent for destruction


CRL (Assault) Alpine Dr – CHP transfer – son and father were verbally fighting multiple times today – tonight, son alleged father threatened to bash his head in while holding a bat – father denies saying that – if he did, he was kidding when he did – son requested report not met – father agreed to go somewhere else for the night – parties separated – restraining order explained to both parties


CPP (Driving W/SUS/RV License) Lovers Ln/Crest Forest Dr – Vehicle stopped for a light out – driver found to be suspended – citation issued – vehicle released to registered owner


October 30, 2023


RSP (Vandalism) Hilltop Blvd – Sometime between 10/1/23 and 10/30/23, either an unknown subject or the weather caused the window on the right side of the front to crack all the way across in two places – no video surveillance or information from neighboring tenants – approximately $350.00 to replace


BLU (Miscellaneous Incident) State Hwy 18 – RP wanting to report employee who was on administrative leave came into the facility on Saturday – took TV and speaker – unknown if other items were taken – unknown worth of items – there is video footage of male there – states he disarmed the alarm to gain entry


CRL (Vandalism) Horst Dr – RP’s son yelled outside the residence – threw rocks at the neighbor’s vehicles – son left on foot – unknown direction – subject returned to the residence where he was arrested and transported to CDC – contacted Probation who sent hold on suspect – verbally served restraining order to suspect – teletype sent


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