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Nov 15, 2023 | Government, Local

October 31, 2023


CRL (Tow Request) Zurich Dr/Zell Ct – Deputy conducted a traffic enforcement stop on the vehicle for expired registration – driver was found to have a valid driver’s license, but having expired registration under another name, no pink slip and no insurance – suspect claimed to have purchased the vehicle a few days prior – suspect cited for expired registration – vehicle towed


CPP (Adult Protective Services) Crest Forest Dr – No report


CRL (Missing Person) Zurich Dr – On Saturday, 10/28/23, at approximately 8:00 p.m., subject walked her two black Lab dogs away from the residence toward Lake Dr – never returned home – last seen wearing a white dress with roses and a metal bracelet – subject is from Orange County – is known to use narcotics – RP is a friend – allowed subject to stay at the residence for help – subject talked about taking a bus to Blue Jay, but would never leave her dogs – RP will call back with any updates – area check negative – teletype sent


CPP (Possession Narcotics) Crest Forest Dr – CHP transfer – extremely poor cell reception – suspect stayed at an Airbnb with his brother and a friend – suspect left multiple nitrous oxide canisters and a white powdery substance on the table at the incident location – suspect returned to pick up his belongings where he was detained – under Miranda, suspect stated the white powdery substance was ketamine and “Molly” – he purchased all substances in Los Angeles


TPK (Found Property) Twin Peaks Station – No report


LAA (Miscellaneous Incident) Mittry Ln – RP in vehicle in station parking lot – has pictures of juveniles holding a knife – RP doesn’t believe they are OK – would like to show deputies what he has – RP is concerned for the wellbeing of her daughter/grandchildren – reference previous calls for service – RP advising she would contact CPS – report taken for documentation


November 1, 2023


VOE (Death Investigation) Balsam Ln – RP unable to tell if mother is breathing – transferred to medical – 73-year-old female – history of COPD, pneumonia, AFib and low sodium – no trauma or suspicious circumstances – subject released


LAA (Warrant Arrest) Ella View/Lions Pines – Vehicle stopped for no plates – driver found to have two active misdemeanor warrants – cite released in the field – teletypes entered


TPK (Missing Person) Twin Peaks Station – RP calling from Utah – has been unable to get ahold of granddaughter for 10 days – RP believes that someone else has granddaughter’s phone because when RP texts her, there is no response, but messages marked “seen” – granddaughter known to use heroine and methamphetamine – negative medical/mental diagnosis – negative weapons – RP is in constant communication via messenger – RP stated granddaughter moved three years ago to go to San Bernardino – granddaughter does not answer phone or return messages – deputies attempted to contact the phone number three times – no answer – RP was provided with missing person report – no evidence subject was in the Twin Peaks area


CRL (Fraud/Forged Check) Zermatt Dr – RP was selling his boat – buyer sent a fake check in the amount of $29,000.00 – RP has possession of fraudulent check that had been mailed to him – check needs to be picked up and placed into evidence – RP has text messages between him and buyer, but does not know how to screenshot – need pictures of conversation – envelope and check placed into evidence


RSP (Domestic Battery) Summit Dr – RP is at her friend’s house – her friend’s neighbor entered the home without permission and pushed her friend into a wall – male left on foot – male lives six to seven houses down on the opposite side of the street – RP states negative injuries – declined medical – male has history of drugs and drinking – RP called on behalf of her friend because she was too shaken up to make the call – victim and subject have been in a dating relationship on/off for one year – subject arrived at the residence – banged on the front door – victim thought he left – victim opened door to cover the front door window, during which subject shoved the door open – the door hit victim and caused her to fall backwards and hit her head on the wall – victim complained of pain to her neck and back of her head – subject fled the scene


LAA (Assault) Lake Arrowhead Village – RP’s twin brother assaulted RP – is in front of Mountain Watch – brother left in a black Toyota Tacoma – RP says his tooth is in the back of his throat and he’s spitting out blood – medical advised – RP says brother tried to run him over when he left – negative weapons – RP will continue to wait for deputy at location – wants to disconnect to call his parents – advising he does not know where brother may be en route to – mutual fight between brothers – upset after learning his brother was talking to ex-fiancé


November 2, 2023


CED (Assault W/Weapon) Lyon Dr – Banging noises coming from location – ongoing issue with male at location being aggressive with female at location – secondhand information from female advising male is drunk – anonymous RP believes it possibly got physical – male has assaulted female in the past – fight occurred over female kicking male out – male gained entry back into location – female states male left on foot – saw him through the window – unable to locate male – additional RP advising of ongoing domestic dispute – subject threatening “to stab someone” – would like to speak to deputy to confirm daughter is safe – per RP, subject is back at the location – inside the apartment – during domestic dispute, male placed a large knife against victim’s throat – male was gone upon deputy arrival – area check negative for male


TPK (290 Registrant) Twin Peaks Station – Registrant registration


RSP (Assault) Whispering Pines Dr – RP had a video of an altercation he had with subject on Saturday, 10/28/23 – the video showed the two talking, then subject stand up and swat at victim’s phone – subject is seen pointing at victim when the camera moves a bit – victim stated that’s when subject poked victim in the forehead – victim stated he sustained a slight red mark after the incident, but nothing that lasted longer than a few minutes – no medical was needed – no photographs of the injuries were taken – subject did not have injuries while speaking to deputies – victim desires battery charges against subject – stated he would be able to identify him in a photographic lineup – need to speak with subject and create photographic lineup


CRL (Miscellaneous Incident) Lake Dr – RP received secondhand information that friend at location is being assaulted by her father – RP states subject has guns at residence – unknown where guns are – states friend and father are outside the residence – subject was at location when she saw victim getting assaulted by father – she left location to RP’s residence to tell RP what was going on – states victim was screaming at friend to call 9-1-1 – RP states father is possibly drunk – RP calling back requesting ETA – husband and father fought – throwing rocks – both men bleeding – RP’s father is at neighbor’s residence – husband ran off – not answering cell phone – mutual fight over a vehicle – both parties sustained superficial injuries – neither party desired prosecution – report taken for documentation


November 3, 2023


CRL (Death Investigation) S State Hwy 138 – Montclair PD transfer – RP is not at location – advising her aunt called her from location advising that her boyfriend died – male patient is 69 years old – was in the hospital last night for stomach pain – released to funeral home – extensive medical history – no trauma or suspicious circumstances


LAA (Driving W/O License) Rainbow Dr/S State Hwy 173 – Vehicle stopped for tags and no blinker – driver found to be driving without a license – cite released – vehicle legally parked – not towed – advised of warrant


LAA (Domestic Battery) Edge Cliff Rd – CHP transfer – RP’s husband getting violent – negative drugs/drinking/weapons – RP declined medical – suspect and victim are married, but legally separated – live together at the residence – suspect and victim were arguing over suspect being accused of infidelity – suspect became upset – punched several holes in the wall above the master bedroom bed – argument continued – suspect hit victim’s right arm, knocking her cell phone out of her hand – cell phone hit her adult son in the chest – neither victim sustained any injuries


November 4, 2023


SIL (Felony Spouse Abuse) N State Hwy 138/Cleghorn Rd – Per CHP, female advising she was in a domestic disturbance with her boyfriend – pulled over her vehicle – male got out – female left the area, leaving male at location – per RP’s aunt, male had attempted to run the vehicle off the road – damaged windshield – male threatened to kill niece and her family – niece is covered in blood – her eye is bleeding – bleeding won’t stop – has several wounds – victim advising male was hitting her with a bottle of alcohol, punching, kicking and choking her – female didn’t lose consciousness – victim states she was trying to get male to take her home when male became upset – tried to run the vehicle off the road and mountain – states he began to fight with her – began kicking and hitting her – niece is afraid of male getting closer to VOE because he will have access to weapons – specifically guns – victim transported to St. Bernardine’s hospital via ambulance – deputy contacted suspect on the side of the road on Hwy 138 and Hwy 173 – suspect identified with driver’s license – suspect attacked victim while in the vehicle – arrest made


RSP (Search & Rescue) Forest Road – User requesting emergency services from an Apple device – location north of City Creek and south of Running Springs – Fire has the call – enroute for 66-year-old unresponsive male – one hiker in white and another in red below the letter “R” on the mountain – RP response when asked medical condition of person – major heat stroke, slurring words, heavy breathing and can’t sit up – he’s conscious, but doesn’t know what day it is or any information – when asked where they were, subject responded “Old City Creek Rd., half a mile north, not on a trail” – 40 King has visual of hiker – subject picked up – being transported


CRL (Rape) Venus Way – RP advising that girlfriend was raped earlier this morning at incident location – female has showered and taken medication – has clothes with her – CHP transfer – five guys showed up to location – assaulted brother and boyfriend – RP says one of them is injured – going back inside location to see how bad his injuries were – disconnected – RP does not know who subjects are – negative drinking/drugs/weapons – RP does not want to discuss the issues – negative injuries – negative injuries – subjects got back into a truck and left in unknown direction – medical will hold call due to it being assault – RP2 says male told her he was assaulted by four subjects at location – male will be in ER – deputy will contact victim again tomorrow after he is more coherent and out of the hospital – statements obtained


CRL (Burglary) Short Way – RP is a neighbor – unknown when occurred – unknown subject(s) kicked the bottom door open to location – unknown if items taken or if there is any camera footage – owner en route – between Sunday, 10/29/23, and Saturday, 11/4/23, unknown subject(s) forced open the lower storage door – stole camera, fishing poles and multiple tool bags with tools – negative video or latent prints – Edison had a scheduled power outage from Friday, 11/3/23 to Saturday, 11/4/23 – no additional leads


LAA (Possession Danger Drugs) Kuffel Canyon Rd/Sycamore Dr – Limited report


BLU (DUI over .08%) State Hwy 189 – Vehicle seen driving without headlights for approximately half a mile – vehicle swerved, crossing white solid line three times – almost crashed into the hillside – female driver smelled of alcohol and slurred her words – field sobriety tests completed – refused preliminary alcohol screening (PAS) – chemical breath test by CHP found .024% blood alcohol content – arrest made – booked into CDC


November 5, 2023


RSP (Assault W/Injuries) Bear Springs Rd/Rim of the World Hwy – No report


LAA (Warrant Arrest) State Hwy 189/State Hwy 173 – Pulling into Stater Bros parking lot – warrant arrest – new court date


CRL (Warrant Arrest) Lake Dr/Wildrose Ln – No report


SIL (Grand Theft Auto) State Hwy 138 – RP left his vehicle at location yesterday – just came back to location – vehicle is gone – not behind on payments – RP has the keys – half a tank of gas – on 11/5/23 at about 12:30 a.m., RP parked his vehicle near Hwy 138 and Hwy 173 – when RP returned at about 8:30 p.m. – his vehicle was gone – no one was given permission to drive vehicle – no suspect leads – no video – teletype entered


TPK (Failure to Yield Felony) State Hwy 189/Sierra Vista Dr – Vehicle observed without a license light – did not yield for lights and siren – crossed solid yellow line multiple times – did not use blinkers – ran stop signs – unsafe speed through small residential streets – vehicle located and investigated – found driver to be 16-year-old male with no license – juvenile was arrested – Miranda with Juvenile PD – transported to juvenile center without incident


November 6, 2023


VOE (Follow Up) Waters Dr – Contacted all parties – information gathered


TPK (Assault W/Weapon) Rose Ln – Secondhand information to RP – RP is calling from Mission Viejo – RP is owner of location – states it’s red tagged – states squatters are on the property fighting – three to four subjects – unknown description – one dog – unknown weapons – RP said female is now standing outside at a red vehicle with a subject – said that male sprayed female with starter fluid because she hit him with a bat – bat is outside where the female dropped it – RP said the male is wearing all blue – possibly hiding drugs in a green faded trash can that is in front of his vehicle – RP will stay there for deputy contact – female saying she was just lit on fire – female is talking to medical – photos collected – evidence found at the scene – male transported to CDC – female transported to St. Bernadine’s for jail check


GVL (Miscellaneous Incident) Holcomb Creek Dr – CHP transfer – RP states he was assaulted by his aunt – states she used a stick that looked like a bat – negative injuries – RP states he ran into the closet to hide from aunt – occurred five minutes ago – does not know where aunt is – he cannot hear aunt anymore – is scared to come out of the closet to check where aunt is – states they were fighting – then aunt started kicking and hitting RP – RP states he is diagnosed with autism – is not on medication – fight with 70-year-old aunt/caretaker – he was upset due to his aunt bringing him the wrong food – both parties denied medical attention – neither party desired prosecution – report taken for documentation


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