Work continues on Highway 138

Mar 20, 2024 | Mountain Emergency Updates

Construction crew at work on Highway 138

Caltrans has initiated a $2.8 million emergency project to repair State Route 138 from storm damage.

On March 2, crews noticed large pools of water at PM 32.5 that toppled over the roadway and down the embankment. Upon further inspection, crews saw undermining occurring on the shoulder and downbound lane. Crews also noticed that the water had created a new path and it was not flowing properly to the existing drain. The route was effectively closed until further notice.

An emergency director’s order was established; Myers and Son was awarded the contract to make the repairs. They responded to the area with Caltrans Geotechnical Engineering to begin assessments. Additionally, Caltrans staff began the process of obtaining the necessary permits to prepare for construction work to begin.

Crews have already installed the additional culvert and have backfilled the area with materials.

Crews began repairs on Saturday, March 10, first performing excavation and the placement of an additional culvert for the water’s new path. They will continue to backfill the diversion culvert and work on the newly installed headwall.

Crews continue to create a new headwall to assist in evenly distributing water to the two culverts.

Once these items are complete, staff will repair the shoulder and berm, and install rock slope protection in the area. After those repairs, the road will be prepared for paving, striping and reopening of the roadway.

At this time, Caltrans estimates it will be two to three weeks until the roadway is fully reopened. This timeframe may decrease or increase as it is weather dependent.


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