One fatality reported in Devil’s Canyon airplane crash

Apr 17, 2024 | Mountain Emergency Updates

A twin-engine Gulfstream AC 95, similar to one that crashed in the vicinity of Devil’s Canyon, between Cedarpines Park and the Cajon Pass on Saturday, April 13. (Contributed Photo)


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The crash of a twin-engine Gulfstream AC 95 aircraft in the vicinity of Devil’s Canyon east of the Cajon Pass around 8:15 p.m. on Saturday, April 13 resulted in the death of a male adult, according to an FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) spokesperson. Authorities said on Sunday that the body of a man was found in the wreckage.

“Last night (Saturday) around 8:21, witnesses reported hearing an engine sputter and then an impact. A red flash of light was seen in the area, and our airship was unable to fly because of the weather,” said Sheriff’s spokeswoman Gloria Huerta on Sunday morning, adding that members of a search and rescue team, who were hoisted down a mountain, attempted to hike down to the debris field, north of Devil’s Canyon.

There was a significant debris field in the area north of Palm Avenue and Verdemont Drive east of the 215 Freeway and Kendall Drive, said San Bernardino Police Sgt. Christopher Gray, noting that the search for survivors was hampered by rain and rugged terrain. It was not immediately known how many persons were aboard the plane, nor where it was flying to or from.

In a Sunday afternoon news release, the Sheriff’s Department stated, “Due to the terrain, Search and Rescue members were deployed and assisted an investigator from the Coroner’s Office from the debris field, where a deceased adult male was located.” It was not immediately known whether the man could have been the pilot.

On Monday morning, the Coroner’s Office reported that the deceased man had been identified as Blake E. Broadbent, 35, of Riverside. An investigation into the cause of the crash is being conducted by the National Transportation Safety Board and is ongoing. 



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