A classic French treat comes to Crestline

Nov 12, 2020 | Business, Crestline

By Mike Harris

Goodwin and Son’s Market is adding a tasty treat to its soda fountain area located in the middle of the store and it is based on a family recipe sure to please all, that’s if you like fresh-made crepes, either dessert-style or savory.

“It’s unique to the mountain, and something we wanted to add to our ice cream and soda fountain area,” said Jessica Johnstone, marketing director with Goodwin’s Market. “Because of the soda fountain, we wanted to focus on making dessert crepes for folks to enjoy.”

The new section is called Martha Jane’s Creperie, and it’s special to the Goodwin family, because the crepe recipe comes from Martha Goodwin, who was mother and grandmother to the Goodwin family. The crepe recipe was one of her, and the family’s, favorite treats.

“I can remember as a child, going over to spend the night at grandma’s and waking up in the morning to the aroma of crepes being made by her for breakfast,” said Michael Johnstone, grandson and currently Goodwin’s manager.

The Goodwin family had been wanting to add something new to the soda fountain area, so the family remembered grandma’s special breakfast treat.
The family found grandma’s recipe for making crepe batter, and how she enjoyed making them for the family to enjoy, and that became the heart of the new Martha Jane’s Creperie at the soda fountain.

After much taste testing, the menu includes six dessert crepes and one savory, a ham and cheese crepe featuring pepper jack cheese, thin sliced ham and Swiss cheese, served with a raspberry chipotle dipping sauce.
The choices of fillings for the dessert crepes include apple cream cheese, strawberry cream cheese royal, SBN (featuring strawberry, banana and Nutella), peanut butter, banana and Nutella, lemon zest, and rainbow berry delight with ice cream.

You can also create your own style of crepe dessert by selecting two fillings, one sauce and one topping. The list of fillings, sauces and toppings can be found on the menu.

Basic price for the 10-inch crepe is $8.95. Because it adds a choice of ice cream, the rainbow berry delight crepe with ice cream is priced at $10.90. You can add a scoop of ice cream to any of the other crepes for $1.95.

The line of crepes began being served on Monday. Patty Dougherty, soda fountain manager, makes many of the crepes herself while the customer waits. Currently there is an electric crepe maker at the soda fountain, and a second crepe maker will be added shortly.

Because of COVID-19 restrictions, the crepe treats are made to go.
“Normally, we would have a small area at the soda fountain for eating them there, but we can’t right now because of the restrictions,” said Jessica Johnstone.

I sampled the apple cream cheese crunch crepe, and it is wonderful. It features apple pie filling with sweet cream cheese and topped with whipped cream. Cinnamon, powdered sugar and cinnamon toast crunch cereal make for a final touch.

The crepes are big enough to share, and the ham and cheese crepe would make either a nice breakfast or lunch treat.

“I think grandma would be pleased with us using her crepe recipe, and featuring it at the soda fountain,” Mike Johnstone added. “She loved fixing crepes for all us kids.”



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