Support the Fourth!

May 13, 2021 | Crestline

The good news is that the Fourth of July celebrations are coming back! Crestline’s Jamboree Days parade and fireworks show over Lake Gregory will happen again.

COVID-19, the reason why last year’s celebrations were canceled, is diminishing thanks to the vaccines, and San Bernardino County’s restrictions continue to ease.

In light of the positive news, Crestline’s businesses and individuals are rallying to make 2021 the year to bring back the fun and celebrations.

However, funding for fireworks and county and law enforcement permits cost money, and traditional sources of paying for those things aren’t there this year. So, everyone needs to donate to make it happen. The fundraising goal is $30,000.

With that in mind, The Alpine Mountaineer is bringing you a fundraising thermometer in today’s edition to show the goal and progress toward fulfilling that goal.

So far, pledges are beginning to come in, and we are thrilled to show you that the celebration plans have at least $8,000. But more is needed.

The Crestline Lake Gregory Chamber of Commerce and the Lake Gregory Co. are leading the way, along with major businesses such as Goodwin and Son’s Market.

In fact, Goodwin’s has placed donation cans at each of its checkout registers. You should soon be seeing similar donation cans or ways to donate at other Crestline businesses.

Every little bit will help, especially if you donate your change from your purchases.

The Fourth of July is not that far away. Now’s the time to donate so we can all celebrate the Fourth as we love to do — with a parade and a great fireworks show over Lake Gregory. Donate today!

— Mike Harris, publisher



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