Crest Forest Seniors enjoy cruising Lake Gregory

Sep 30, 2021 | Crestline

Staff Writer

The Crest Forest Senior Citizens Club (CFSSC) had a tremendous outing, without ever leaving Crestline, on Sept. 23.

More than 60 of their members got to ride the electric-powered Duffy boats on Lake Gregory. They had two launches scheduled at 2 p.m. and 3 p.m., with four boats going out on the lake at the same time. The boats were driven by the seniors themselves and only one of the eight had to have the park rangers go out and give them driving directions, since they were traveling very close to the shore, in the shallow waters.

Most of the drivers took to counterclockwise cruising of the lake, while others did “donuts” in the middle of the lake and were racing the other boats, leaving wakes behind their boats upon the otherwise smooth lake waters. There was laughter heard across the water from other boats. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves during the rides.

Tom Kyle, the CFSSC activity director, had organized the rides for the seniors. He said they started out with the idea of only renting one, but had such great interest and response, they had to rent eight cruises. They hope to do this every quarter, as everyone had such a wonderful time and wants to go again.

Penny Shubnell, who was driving one of the Duffys, said she liked seeing the shore from the water because it was a different perspective on a lake she knows so well. Others said the lake seemed much bigger from the center and almost everyone said they hope they can go again. One said, “I cruised Whittier Boulevard and E Street in San Berdoo as a teen and, although this kind of cruising is totally different, it’s still really fun.”

There was an extended family with friends having a picnic and volleyball game on the sandbar shore near the San Moritz Lodge, all of whom had several conversations with the boat riders. They certainly seemed to be having a wonderful time at the lake after attending a wedding the previous day.

Each Duffy boat had about eight to nine seniors riding in it, although the boats can hold up to 10 persons. While out on the lake, the passengers had engaging conversations about many topics, including the club and activities, the senior luncheons, their families, how each person discovered Crestline and moved here. A couple of the boats had history lessons given to the passengers by historian Rhea-Frances Tetley about how the lake was built and the history of the community. Ohers learned about the dam retrofit a couple of years ago from Sher Fairchild so, all in all, it was a fun afternoon in excellent weather with blue sky overhead, smooth water underneath and only a soft breeze over the lake.

Contact the Crest Forest Senior Citizens Club at (909) 338-5036 or Tom Kyle for their next outing information or about the senior luncheon meals on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the San Moritz Lodge or their many events at Leisure Shores. They offer yoga, Zumba, Tai Chi and offer healthy-living activities, from walking to playing pickleball, bowling and much more. Their Music Makers group is also quite engaging and fun.

Next month, they are planning a community night for everyone. Their favorite “Stuff your Spud” dinner is on Oct. 28, with any topping you ever thought of for a potato for $5 followed by build-your-own ice creams sundaes, also only $5. Afterwards, for those who do not want to just eat and run, they will be offering many different types of games in the Fireside Room at Leisure Shores, offering a time to make new friends.



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