Directors urge civility in next election cycle

Oct 13, 2022 | Local

Many of the current ALA board members were critical of members’ behavior during the recent election. Pictured: General Manager Bob Mattison, Bud Macer, Alan Kaitz, Gary Clifford, Eran Heissler, Tony O’Keefe, Chris Wilson, David Dahl.

Director David Dahl called for a code of conduct, calling behavior during the election “deeply upsetting.”

(Photos by Mary-Justine Lanyon)

Directors urge civility in next election cycle

By Mary-Justine Lanyon

The election for three seats on the Arrowhead Lake Association board of directors may have been over but not forgotten by the current board.
At the Sept. 24 meeting, during the time for directors comments, all seven directors addressed the election, with several expressing dismay over the attacks made on some of the candidates.
Director David Dahl thanked Denise Loxton and Jim Hannon for running and for their future service.
“We are a private organization,” Dahl said. “We should have a code of conduct. I have no problem debating issues but, when you make it personal and attack an individual, I think you stepped over the line.
“What we’ve seen in the community lately is deeply upsetting,” Dahl added. “We need to come together.” He suggested that the next board address just what a code of conduct should be among the members.
Director Chris Wilson congratulated the winners of the election – Loxton, Hannon and Alan Kaitz, who was reelected – and welcomed them. “I’m glad the election is over,” he said.
Director Tony O’Keefe, who lost his bid for reelection, also welcomed the successful candidates. “I leave with gratitude for having had the privilege to serve. I look forward to having more time to catch fish.”
Vice President Eran Heissler congratulated everyone who participated in the election. “My biggest concern,” he said, “is the personal attacks against members. The best thing for ALA to do in the future is to shorten the election period to a few weeks. We will have fewer attacks and less expense for the candidates.”
“We all have similar thoughts,” said Director Bud Macer, thanking Director Dahl for his comments. “I agree. And I agree the election process is too long. It needs serious help – I’m willing to help change it to be more friendly.”
Secretary/Treasurer Alan Kaitz welcomed Loxton and Hannon. “I would like to thank the members who exercised their right to vote. There are a lot of things we need to address in the future – I hope it will be a high priority. I hope we can all get together as a community and make this a much more member-friendly organization. That’s the only way we all benefit.
“I’m sorry the board is losing the members it is. I thank them for the effort they have put in,” Kaitz said.
President Gary Clifford, who also lost his bid for reelection, said that his family appreciates the time they have spent here. “We worked hard. I’m proud of the time we spent together as a board.
“A few members said things that were libelous and untrue. There are consequences. When it comes to an election, it’s a democratic process. The members voted for change, which is a good thing,” Clifford said.
The new directors will be seated at the Oct. 22 board meeting, to be held at 9 a.m. at the clubhouse at Burnt Mill Beach Club.
In his president’s report, Clifford said that, in closed session, the board had accepted the resignation of Greg Garrison, ALA’s current attorney, as of Oct. 1. General Manager Bob Mattison will seek an interim attorney and then the board will decide a new permanent one.


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