Supervisor Rowe and Senator Ochoa Bogh at Crest Forest MAC

Oct 13, 2022 | County, Local


Supervisor Rowe and Senator Ochoa Bogh at Crest Forest MAC

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The Crest Forest Municipal Advisory Council welcomed Supervisor Dawn Rowe and Senator Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh to its Oct. 4 meeting.
Supervisor Rowe, attended by Zoom, said she had been up to Crestline a week ago, just after the heavy rainstorm, where she saw flooding and other storm damage. She recommended visiting the county’s Department of Public Works website,, to report problems immediately, such as blocked culverts and dead animals on the road; you can even attach photos of the problem. This is effective for snow plowing needs and other weather-related road problems or potholes on county roads, not state highways.
The supervisor is supporting Measures D and EE on the November ballot as she explained in detail last month at the joint MAC meeting. Measure D would allow supervisors to once again be elected for up to three four-year terms; a recent court decision limits supervisors to one four-year term, not giving them enough time to learn their districts and constituents. Measure EE will ask the state to examine the funding it gives to San Bernardino County, since it is being forced to close courthouses and other facilities due to a lack of equal funding from the state.
Senator Ochoa Bogh attended the MAC meeting in person. She explained there are 40 state senators and she is only one of nine Republican senators, so she has to work collaboratively with all members of the senate to get bills passed. They are changing the lines of her 23rd Senate district in 2024, but she will retain this area as District 19. She welcomes input on any issues and the impact they have, whether intended or unintended. Her staff keeps records of all opinions.
Ochoa Bogh is on seven senate committees. “I want to serve my constituents and anyone that is having a problem navigating a state agency should call my office,” she said. When residents have concerns on bills, she suggests succinctly text messaging her your issues at (909) 709-5905. She recommends residents sign up for her newsletter, as she feels nothing is more important than informed citizens.
Bill Mellinger, who is a member of the Lake Gregory Community Advisory Committee, reported on many aspects of Lake Gregory Regional Park. The e-bikes are here, assembled and there are plans for guided tours of the park this fall and winter.
The park had applied to use state Proposition 68 funds to build a big playground for the kids, next to the dog park, but their grant proposal was not approved. They still believe the community deserves a better playground and they want to figure out how to raise the money through community fundraisers.
The recent flooding filled silt basins on both sides of the lake and raised the level of the lake by one foot, plus lots of trash was washed into the lake. Because of a clogged clear-out, Forest Shade Drive flooded, and water covered the tennis court with one foot of mud up to the doors and the bathrooms. They had to remove the fence to scrape the mud off the courts, but luckily the flow did not reach the skate park nor the sewer lift station. The sediment basins, which filled up, did their designed job, but they need to be cleared before the area gets more significant rain. Since they are full, if another such storm arrives, creating more sediment, it will flow directly into the lake and increase the sand bar, so the lake may again need dredging.
Last summer, the lake was closed twice due to overcrowding, which is based on safety determined by the number of lifeguards. There is a 1,000-person capacity for the inflatables, and the general maximum is 75 lake swimmers per lifeguard.
Several issues are currently being addressed: two restroom locations at the lake are seeking sewer hookups; a muddy spot in the meadow next to the walking trail that is being repaired; the proposed band shell is under review and in discussion with neighbors, before any decisions are made. The park has also been in discussions with the zip line companies, but the companies were too busy during the summer season to make proposals; design ideas and proposals continue, with the hope for making a double across-the-lake zip line become a reality.
Bark beetles are feverishly attacking Lake Gregory’s pine trees. The new influx of infestation has resulted in 28 dead trees so far. Discussions are underway with the county on how to proceed with their trees, which are dying in clusters. The last trees cut a few years ago were wrapped in plastic to kill the infestation. People apparently unaware of protocol tore open the plastic to get to the wood, possibly releasing the bugs to attack these trees instead of allowing the bugs to die under the plastic. This cycle needs to be stopped or the whole park may become treeless.
Mellinger explained the books of the Lake Gregory Company are open for public inspection, if asked. The revenue flow from events goes into the operational expenses of the lake and improvement projects. The county realizes the lake is essential for the success of the economy of Crestline.
They are now doing a parking research project, exploring how many tickets were written and how many cars towed. After that analysis is in, they hope they will be able to alleviate and find possible solutions to this summer’s parking problems. A new shuttle has been purchased for transportation from the San Moritz Lodge parking lot to the south shore beach, which should also help.
Upcoming Lake Gregory Company events include a Family Fall Festival at the meadow and San Moritz Lodge on Nov. 19, preceded by a PJs in the Park family movie night on Saturday, Oct. 29, after the community trick or treat that afternoon.
On Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 24, the Crestline-Lake Gregory Rotary Club will be presenting the free traditional Community Thanksgiving Day Feast at the San Moritz Lodge for all community members. On Dec. 3, the Crestline Family Christmas will be held in the north shore parking lot with a bon fire.
The November Crest Forest MAC Meeting will be held on Nov. 1 at the San Moritz Lodge at 6:30 p.m. The public is invited to attend in person or by Zoom.


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