Running Springs Area Chamber of Commerce

Oct 27, 2022 | Communities

New chamber directors elected

By Mary-Justine Lanyon

The results of the recent election of directors for the Running Springs Area Chamber of Commerce were announced at the Oct. 18 meeting, held on Zoom.
“It was a successful election,” President Kevin Somes announced. He noted that 46 ballots were returned – 20 paper ones and 26 electronic ones.
“I want to thank everyone on the slate,” he said, adding that all candidates had a significant number of votes.
In alphabetical order, the six directors elected are Cathy Clemens (incumbent), Casey DuVall, Vickey England, Dean Langley, Niko Rynard, and Jordan Zarate (incumbent).
Mike Scullin and Dixi Willemse will retire from the board at the end of their terms next month.
The six newly elected directors will be installed at the awards dinner on Nov. 12, which will take place at Pali Mountain.
The next order of business was the election of officers.
President and vice president were easy: Kevin Somes and Mike Lee were reelected to their positions.
“I’m more than happy to do it again for the 15th time,” Somes said. “This is very flattering. I very much appreciate your trust in me.”
Lee noted that he believes the chamber “is a very necessary part of this community.” He said he would continue to donate his photography skills at chamber events.
The election of the secretary and treasurer was trickier as current secretary Stephanie Burrows was out of town on a family emergency. She was unanimously reelected should she be willing to continue in the position.
Mike Scullin has served as treasurer and no one appeared willing to step into his shoes. To be elected an officer, a director has to have served on the board for a year according to the chamber’s bylaws so none of the newly elected directors were eligible.
The suggestion was made to combine the two offices into one, with office assistant Sherry Bridgeford continuing to do the day-to-day work and the secretary-treasurer presenting the reports at the meetings. However, Mike Lee said he would be willing to be the treasurer in name only until an eligible director wants to take over the position.
Newly elected director Casey DuVall expressed interest in learning about the treasurer’s position. It was felt that mentoring new directors would be advisable.


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