Crest Forest MAC bids farewell to Supervisor Rutherford

Dec 15, 2022 | Local

Staff Writer

At the Dec. 6 meeting of the Crest Forest Municipal Advisory Council (MAC), Lewis Murray, Supervisor Rutherford’s field representative, reported the county supervisors voted to appoint Chris Wilhite, currently a deputy assessor, as assessor for the county, replace Assessor Bob Dutton who recently passed away.
The next and last session of the supervisors for this year will be on December 13, making that the last day Janice Rutherford will be active as a supervisor. After that Dawn Rowe will be completely representing this mountain area in District 3. Murray has been asked to continue to serve this area for Rowe.
Murray stated Rutherford was very thankful for all the kind thank-yous she has received and the nice parties and receptions given in her honor, adding she is grateful for the opportunity to serve the mountain communities as their county supervisor for three terms.
The Lake Gregory Community Advisory Committee ( is proposing weed abatement for the lake and trying to learn from Lake Arrowhead and other Southern California lakes how to do it efficiently, economically and within Lahontan Regional Water Quality Board rules.
Rotarian Bill Mellinger reported that the community Thanksgiving dinner at the San Moritz Lodge was quite successful in that they served 903 meals in the lodge, with the help of many community volunteers. Mellinger said 450 meals were delivered to homes, with the help of Meals on Wheels, and the leftovers were sent to the shelter run by St. Frances Cabrini Church.
The Crestline Family Christmas held in the north shore parking of Lake Gregory was also quite a success under the sponsorship of Goodwin’s Market. The Christmas tree on the south shore is wider than last year and has more strands of lights, said Nathan Godwin, who added that the strands are also secured better than last year, which is when they did the tree for the first time and learned many lessons. It will be glowing every night until New Year’s.
The horseshoe pits are about to be opened to the public this January, weather permitting, as all the fencing has arrived and is ready to be installed. This fencing will be Hunter Green like that used around the dog park. It is needed between the current pits and the beach area because, without the fencing, it could be dangerous. When the area opens up in January, there should be two cornhole pits, two horseshoe pits and two bocci ball game areas open.
There needs to be more removal of bark beetle-infested trees around Lake Gregory, so the newly hired paid crews at Pilot Rock Conservation Camp will be using them as training exercise because they are far enough away from buildings to practice and close enough to access easily.
When live bugs are found within the trees, after they are cut, the trees will be covered by thick plastic to cut the bark beetle cycle and kill them and all their eggs. It is illegal to remove or cut open the plastic over the logs as the bugs will spread. If the wood is relocated, it will spread the bug to wherever the wood is taken. Misdemeanor tickets can and will be written under the county environmental code, if the trees are tampered with.
This new infestation around the lake is a direct result of the last round of removed trees/logs being uncovered while the bugs were still active. Those bugs then infested the now dying trees. Only those trees with active infestations are covered in the plastic, when cut. When a tree is completely dead, the bugs leave quickly to infest other trees. This re-infestation cycle needs to be halted to maintain the forest around Lake Gregory, and new trees are planned to be planted.
State Senator Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh is writing a bill for those convicted of fentanyl sales to sign a statement acknowledging the poison aspect of the drug and that they could be convicted of manslaughter or murder, to deter future sales. The mountain communities have been affected by deaths from this poison, so she hopes for support for her bill, which will be introduced in January when the new session begins. She is seeking input on the bill.
The website, which goes directly to the County Roads and Public Works Departments, seems to be working. It is recommended to use it to report problems such as snow plowing needs, potholes and trees across roads, for quickest response.
Snowplows do not go out until at least two inches of snow have fallen and cinders are not put out until the roads have been completely plowed. There are three county road yards in the mountains in Crestline, Blue Jay and Running Springs; the closest should be the one that will respond to your complaint.
The CHP and the sheriff’s department both reminded people to only stop off-road in designed snow play areas or when installing chains. Parking tickets and fines can be issued if roadways are blocked or unsafe conditions are created. Towing is also an option if the roadways become blocked; towing fees are around $450 plus storage, plus the loss of your transportation in a cold environment.
Both the CHP and sheriff’s department are getting additional funds for extra patrolling during snow days, to enforce the no trespassing and no illegal parking and to give tickets to those parking in the streets or causing problems. The new parking fine approved by the county supervisors is $150 per ticket.
The sheriff’s department was quite pleased they were the first station to be able to put the 1950 Ford patrol car into any parade; it was showcased during the Blue Jay Christmas parade, receiving a loud positive response. It was driven in the parade by Larry Brown, a former Crestline station officer who served from 1968 to 1972. The shiny, 1950 sheriff’s patrol car will be kept inside at the department’s aviation hangar when not being used in parades and shows.
Since it is shopping season, Lt. Craig Harris from the Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Station reminded everyone that thieves are also seeking presents and prefer to steal them, so hide them when in your locked vehicle while shopping and take them inside when you get home.
The Crestline Chamber of Commerce will be coordinating a Mardi Gras-themed Corks & Hops on Feb. 18 inside the San Moritz Lodge so weather will be not an issue, with several bands, a DJ, the wine and beer tastings, plus food and other vendors. Because fewer can attend, the price is estimated to be around $65. Attendees are encouraged to dress up for Mardi Gras, which will make it a spectacular mid-winter event, just before Fat Tuesday.
The next Crest Forest Municipal Advisory Council meeting will be held on Tuesday, Jan. 3, 2023, at 6:30 p.m. at the San Moritz Lodge. If the weather is an issue, the meeting may be held exclusively by Zoom.

San Bernardino County Supervisor Janice Rutherford is looking forward to spending more time with her family now that she has retired from the board of supervisors. (SB BOS photo)

Bill Mellinger of the Lake Gregory Community Advisory Committee and Nathan Godwin of the Lake Gregory Company addressed the Crest Forest Municipal Advisory Council at the San Moritz Lodge. (Photo by Rhea-Frances Tetley)


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