Dear Editor, Ron Dexter

Dec 29, 2022 | Editorial

Dear Editor:

I see a problem with the Twin Peaks post office that might apply to other post offices on the mountain.
I can find no post office box numbers on the Internet for any business close to the post office. None of these businesses list a PO box number: The Antlers Resort, The Grill at the Antlers, Twin Peaks Printing, Apex Fitness Collective, New Breed Martial Arts, Mountain High Market, Pine Crest, Calvary Chapel Bible College, Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Station and Arrowhead Pine Rose Cabins.
Must we email or call by phone to get someone’s post office box number?
But many people don’t answer the phone or email anymore because of all the scams out there.
I found that my own letters sent were returned many days later with the label “Insufficient Address.” I had the right street addresses, but not the right PO box number.
Even though some of these businesses were a couple of rock or snowball throws from the post office, the letters were returned.
As a resident of Twin Peaks from 1933 to 1955, I don’t remember anyone having a street address. They must have for property rights purposes, but everyone knew almost everyone else in the neighborhood and mail seemed to arrive on time.
Like most small communities, there is no delivery service by the post office.
But why can’t employees of the United States Post Office put mail with the correct street address for businesses into a post office box with the same name?
And the businesses that can’t receive necessary mail can be damaged. I have heard that there are many organizations that want to privatize the US Post Office. This kind of service might hasten the process and all those good jobs with the US Post Office might go away.
Do those recent image ads on TV reflect a problem within the US Post Office?
By the way, my father and his brothers built The Antlers and many Alpine buildings.

Ron Dexter
Twin Peaks resident 1933-1955


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