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pamela jane cannata
pamela jane cannata

pamela jane cannata

January 27, 1954 – February 8, 2023


Pamela Jane Cannaata, 69, of Running Springs, passed away at her brother and sister-in-law’s house in Yucaipa on Wednesday, February 8, 2023, due to a sudden onset of cancer-related issues.  She was born January 27, 1954, in San Bernardino.

Pamela grew up in the San Bernardino area, eventually relocating to Running Springs, Tillamook, Oregon, Yucaipa, then back to Running Springs.  She married long-time Running Springs resident, Steven Cannata, and they enjoyed each other’s company to the fullest extent possible.  Steve preceded her in death.

Earlier in her life, Pam attended a local junior college for two years, focusing on honing her artistic talents, to become the artist she was before her passing.  She was a painter, photographer and created “one of a kind” art pieces she sold at local festivals.  One of her last endeavors was the creation of pine cone necklaces made by the unique patterns of pine cones when they were cross cut and sealed.  Everyone loved these interesting pieces of artwork Pamela created by hand.

Her family and friends describe Pamela as a free spirit and fun-loving person.  She was always willing to help others when assistance was needed.  She was well known for the costumes she would make and wear on special occasions, becoming the life of the party and bringing a smile to the face of everyone who crossed her path.

Pamela is survived by her brother, Bill Abernathie, his wife, Carol, and their two sons, Jake and Wyatt, of Yucaipa; brother Raymond Clarendon his wife, Shannon, and their son, Kyle, of Hemet; and many extended family members throughout the United States.

A memorial service will be held at the Rim of the World Community Church on Friday, March 3rd at 12 noon. Anyone who is a Facebook friend of Pam’s is asked to post their special photos of her and spread the word about her memorial service.




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