Church of the Woods Valentine’s dinner

Feb 22, 2023 | Communities

cotw valentine's dinner

Dotti Edwards (second from left) celebrated her 91st birthday at the Valentine’s dinner show at Church of the Woods. With Dotti are friends Janice, Anne, Ginger, Carol, Karen, Pam and Yvonne.

Celebrating much-needed love

By Dr. Ginger Gabriel

Special to The Alpine Mountaineer

“What the World Needs Now is Love” was the obvious theme song for the sold-out Valentine’s dinner show held recently at Church of the Woods.

The sanctuary was transformed into a Parisian ballroom/dining room. Members of the youth group sported white shirts and black berets, becoming the efficient wait staff for the dinner catered by Fox in the Woods.

Singers and musicians for the show included T. J. Roger, Danny Arroyo, Joe and Dana Weaver, Boaz Gilliland, Sonny and Cher (aka Pastor Rod and Sandy Akins) and 13 other acts.  There was dancing for everyone!

Widows, singles, babies, kids and loving couples were all invited to get up on the ballroom floor and swing to the music.

Dotti Edwards celebrated her 91st birthday at this event. Happy birthday, Dotti!


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