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Mar 16, 2023 | Features, Uncle Mott

Mister Spaceman

I don’t know about you but, frankly, all these reports of UFOs infringing on this country’s airspace are giving me a the heebie-jeebies. During a recent White House press conference, the president said the three mysterious objects seen a few weeks ago appeared unrelated to the Chinese spy balloon, most likely tied to private recreation or research companies.

Others believe the latest one was actually an alien space craft. Who’s to say it was not? It’s not like the government is gonna tell us it’s from outer space. Why, that would create widespread panic, not to mention that it flies in the face of most major religions.

Woke up this morning with light in my eyes and then realized it was dark outside. It was a light coming down from the sky, I don’t know who or why. Must be those strangers that come every night, those saucer shaped lights put people uptight, leave blue-green footprints that glow in the dark, I hope they get home tonight. (“Mister Spaceman” – The Byrds – 1966)

Oh, they’re out there, that’s for sure, because I’ve had two sightings. First one was back in ’66 when I was driving home from a summer school class at Chapman College and noticed cars parked alongside Prospect Avenue, about a mile from my ancestral home. There were about a dozen folks and a CHP officer staring up at the sky. What we saw was a large, bright object hovering in the sky above us that looked like a full moon, only it was much larger than the moon, which was on the opposite side of the sky.

I hopped back in my car and drove as fast as I could back to my home so I could let my mom and brother see this weird phenomenon. By the time I got home, this mysterious object had disappeared. When I told my brother what I had witnessed, he just said, “Yeah, right!” like I was nuts or something.

My next sighting was during a Fourth of July fireworks show over Lake Gregory in 2001, when a UFO was seen by over 1,000 spectators, including yours truly, encircling the lake. According to the National UFO Reporting Center, a strange light with no flashing lights and no sound came in from the west and circled the lake three or four times.

The first time it took about one minute to complete a circle estimated in excess of 10 miles in diameter, which would equate  a speed of about 1,800 miles per hour, then moved more slowly, taking about a minute and a half to complete each of the remaining encirclements. On the final circle, it split into two objects and dropped straight to the ground without slowing. Then both objects merged back into one and continued westward until it was out of sight. Yes, I truly believe they’re out there.

Woke up this mornin’, I was feeling quite weird, had flies in my beer, my toothpaste was smeared. I opened my window, they’d written my name, said, so long, we’ll see you again. Hey mister spaceman, won’t you please take me for a ride?

Keep it flyin’,

Uncle Mott


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