ALA storm damage

Mar 23, 2023 | Government, Local

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A few of the capsized docks on Lake Arrowhead. Not all boats have been rescued yet.

(Photos: Stephanie Bonham, Inland Boat Center)

The impact of the storms on boats and docks

In an update to its members on March 15, the Arrowhead Lake Association detailed the damage to boats and docks on Lake Arrowhead.

The ALA office was closed from Friday, Feb. 24 to Wednesday, March 8. During this time, according to the update, employees worked remotely when possible. Certain Maintenance and Lake Safety staff members were on duty. All ALA employees are now back to work.

Lake Safety has been out on the lake, inspecting docks and boats. Initially, many areas of the lake were inaccessible by boat due to extensive ice on the lake. On March 15, there was still ice on Blue Jay and Meadow Bays; the other bays had cleared.

The owners of 30 boats were notified that their boats had sunk due to the storms. There had been no hazardous material spills to date. Two contractors are at work, retrieving the boats that had sunk. They are prepared with hazmat containment devices, if needed.

Ten boats capsized, most as a result of capsized docks. Those owners have also been notified. A contractor capable of righting capsized docks and boats, using a crane on the ALA barge, has been identified and was expected to begin work soon.

Fifty-three boats “swamped,” meaning they are heavily listing or are low in the water. Some of the listing pontoon boats will self-correct as the snow melts but many others will require contractor assistance.

Seventeen docks incurred extensive damage, including some that capsized.

The lake level on March 8 was 5106.58, less than two inches below full. Both spillway gates were opened to keep up with snow melt and to accommodate the rain that had been forecasted for March 14 and 15.

ALA properties were being assessed for storm damage. To date, the only building damage known was in the building used by Inland Boat Center: a potential natural gas leak, a broken fire sprinkler water line, a slightly damaged roof but no water leak or threat of collapse.

Maintenance staff cleared snow from ALA docks, the boat launch ramp, the marina drive and the marine upper parking lot. They are investigating a problem with the gas pumps. They cleared snow at Burnt Mill Beach Club and inspected the building. They secured ALA rental dock A, which partially broke loose.

“All of us in Lake Arrowhead and the surrounding communities have been severely impacted by the recent epic storms,” the update concludes. “Please continue to help each other through these difficult times.”


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