Dear Editor, Vickie Vargas

Mar 29, 2023 | Editorial

Here it is Thursday, March 23, and we just got hit with more snow and rain, and more snow is predicted. So, while we are dealing with destroyed homes and structures, we now have more snow to clear out. It seems to be never-ending.

In addition, our creeks are raging with muddy water, our trees and power poles are unstable. High winds have snapped tree limbs that block roads, and snow appears to be only slowly plowed.

Help is limited because the various agencies that were here have pulled away. People have been without work for over a month now and their funds are running low. Gas pumps are limited and diesel fuel for tractors has run out.

Our main grocery store in Crestline has collapsed and we have to drive to get what we need and, even then, we may not find food for our animals or be able to purchase healthy food that we need.

People are still unable to apply for FEMA due to some red tape and, by the way, how long will that take? And many businesses have lost inventory because their buildings collapsed. It is said that we can get reimbursed for snow shoveling, but many don’t have the funds to pay someone up front and wait for the money to come sometime in the future.

So, here we are, stuck in our homes, some still unable to clear the snow from their front door and shovels are still in garden sheds barricaded in snow. And if you’re one of the lucky ones who was able to dig their car out, then only to find that your windshield is crushed or it won’t start. Or the car starts and there’s nowhere to go because there is a huge solid berm blocking your exit…not to mention that many homes are now flooded and mudslides have taken over. They were right this is a disaster area.

So…it’s not over people, it’s not over! The only hope for our community is to take care of our neighbors and allow our resilience to show.

I know that I am weary and this past month has been quite taxing to all of us, emotionally, physically and psychologically. I personally welcome any assistance for those in need, especially hands on. Many don’t have the energy or the means to sit and fill out forms and applications and wait…we are in survival mode.

If only the major media could be honest and quit telling the public it’s now time for snow play and skiing.

We need help, NOW.

Vickie Vargas

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