Crestline’s Grand Poobah election announced

May 18, 2023 | Communities


Nominations for the 2023 Crestline Grand Poobah are now underway. The purpose of the Grand Poobah contest is to raise funds for the Jamboree Days fireworks show, which will be shot off over Lake Gregory on July 1.

Nominations will decide who will be running and will continue through May 23.

To be nominated, there are only two criteria: The nominee must have a heartbeat and live in Crestline. To nominate someone, put the name of your candidate in a nomination envelope with a dollar and place it in the voting bins which will be placed in various locations throughout Crestline (see the box).

After all the nominations are in, the voting for the Grand Poobah will take place, from May 26 through June 21, with the winner announced on Friday, June 23 at the Friday Market Night by Jennifer Jones.

The winner will be the candidate that gets the most votes, at $1 per vote. There will be a Grand Poobah elected plus first- and second-place Poobahs. All will ride on a float in the Jamboree Days parade. It is hoped that several thousands dollars will be raised for the fireworks fund.

The location that raises the most money will be declared the “Home of the Poobah” and have a banner to display all year long.

Voting bins will be collected from the various locations every Wednesday and Sunday. Updates on the election will be posted twice weekly on the Crestline Grand Poobah Discussion Facebook page so those interested can track the voting. In addition, voting result updates will be posted each week at the Friday Market Night, according to Jones.

Last year’s winner of the Grand Poobah fireworks fundraiser contest was Ty Holifield. In second place was Terragon the Goat with Andrew Braggins rounding out the court. 

Voting locations for the Grand Poobah:

The Bear House
Mountain Cravings
Hilltop Liquor
Rim Sports Bar
Three Marm Brewing
B&L Liquor
Bizzyland Events
The Stockade
Crestline Cafe
Toni’s Mexican Restaurant (Spanish translation with bucket)
The San Marzano Wine & Ale Lounge (at the Friday Market Night Market)



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