Crestline Lions receive accolades at installation dinner

Jun 22, 2023 | Communities

Crestline Lions held their installation dinner at the San Bernardino Elks club. These are their 2023-24 officers.


The Crestline Lions Club held its annual installation of officers at the Elks Lodge in San Bernardino on Sunday, June 11.

They had already experienced a very busy year of service to the community prior to the blizzard hitting the mountain communities but, when it did arrive, they put all their gears into motion to help the local people in numerous ways, starting by digging snow from around fire hydrants and actually digging out snowed-in persons, families and vehicles, plus bringing food to those in need. Through their actions, they demonstrated the Lions motto, “We Serve.”

Outgoing officers were given bouquets of flowers with a heart-shaped wooden spoon, encouraging them to continue to serve.

Outgoing officers were given bouquets of flowers with a heart-shaped wooden spoon, encouraging them to continue to serve.

The installation said goodbye to these hard-working 2022-23 outgoing officers: President Libby Hayes, Vice President Bonnie Hawes, Secretary Rosemarie Labadie, Global Service Chair Kathy Ogaz, Treasurer Barbara Rhodes, Lion Tamer Candice Stunkard, Bulletin Editor Colleen Slaymaker, Tailtwister Catherine Johnson, Directors Patty Barry and Jerry McJunkin and LCIF Chair Catherine Johnson.

They honored Kathleen Welsh with the “Extra Mile Award” for her willingness to  do all she could to serve the club and her community. With this award came a $500 donation to the Lions LCIF Service fund in her name. “I love our Lions Club and I love to serve our club to the best of my ability. I am overwhelmed by this honor,” said Welsh.

Raymond Johnson was presented the Lion of the Year award for being involved in all the activities this past year and giving of himself constantly. He responded by saying, “This honor was unexpected, and it is actually unbelievable to me that the club would select me. I do it because I like to serve and, besides, it is fun, too.”

After mentioning some of the many activities that occurred last year and their selfless efforts and numerous giveaways to help those on the mountain, Past District Governor Ken Reed installed the new officers for 2023-24.

The officers installed were: President Catherine Johnson, Vice President Barbara Rhodes, Secretary Kathy Ogaz, Global Service Chair and Treasurer Bonnie Hawes, Lion Tamer Candice Stunkard, returning award-winning Bulletin Editor Colleen Slaymaker, Tailtwister Rodney Shepherd, Directors Dann Lahr and Rosemarie Labadie and LCIF Chair Catherine Johnson.

President Johnson announced some of this year’s plans, which include continuing to do things of value to the community, to do good service on the mountain while having fun and enjoying each other’s company. This is her eighth term as president of the club as a Lion or Lioness and she asked for assistance and suggestions as she takes this leadership trip again. She reminded all members that the board meetings are open to all members to attend and be involved. “I plan to give 100 percent this year and I hope 100 percent of our members give of their time and energy as you can. As a Lion, ‘We Serve,’” she said.

The Crestline Lions Club had already been widely recognized throughout the Lions District 4-L5 as one of the most outgoing service-focused clubs in the district so, when the Crestline Lions asked for help after the blizzard, the other clubs instantly came to their assistance with donations of food and snow shovels, shoes, gift certificates and other items to help the mountain people begin to recover from the disaster.

District LCIF Chairperson Stephanie Gwinn was instrumental in helping to  coordinate the district clubs in collecting food for the Crestline community after the snowstorms. Gwinn worked tirelessly, storing the food at the Jurupa Lions Club, until the Crestline Lions club members were able to get off the mountain and caravan the food in cars and trucks up the mountain for two days for delivery to the Valley of Enchantment fire station, where it was distributed by the Lions and the Mountain Strong organization.

The club members also worked individually, as neighbors, and with other groups to help the mountain people up to and including housing some who were displaced by damage from the storm. They gave away over $2,500 worth of gift cards, tools and food in the immediate post-disaster period when folks were in desperate need. Overall, they donated or gave away over $9,172 worth of disaster aid. In addition to the disaster assistance, the club donated another $8,894 to various service projects and scholarships during the past year.

Past Lion District Governor Phil Busch commented at the end, “The Crestline club is amazing. I am amazed at all this club does and accomplishes for others, despite the weather challenges they faced this winter. They are a small club but do twice as much as many of the larger clubs in this district.”

Outgoing President Libby Hayes recommended everyone drive home safely in the dense fog shrouding the mountain that evening.

To learn more about the Crestline Lions Club, which meets the fourth Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at Leisure Shores for dinner, contact Club President Catherine Johnson at (909) 338-5758 or email her at [email protected] for additional details and information.


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