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Jul 5, 2023 | Local

The Running Springs Fire Department used Sno-Cats to rescue and assist residents during this year’s winter storms. (Contributed photo)

In October 1962, fire protection became the second service provided for the Running Springs community by the Running Springs Water District at a local level. Until that time, fire protection for the area had been provided by an all-volunteer fire department comprised of a group of concerned citizens.

As the needs of the community outgrew the ability of the volunteer fire department to provide and maintain this service, there was a recognized need for change. Because of the increased community need, a comprehensive study was conducted to determine the best method of providing fire protection. The study concluded that the District had the authority and the ability to provide fire protection services. Primarily, it was determined this would be the most cost-effective alternative while, at the same time, would allow local control by an already established locally elected governmental agency.

While the fundamental purpose of the District’s Fire Department is the protection of life and property from fire, several operational functions are provided by the Fire Department as well. These functions include a variety of public assistance services, field emergency medical care services, ambulance transportation services, hazard abatement, community education and awareness programs. Of the services provided, the greatest public emphasis and need has been emergency medical care and ambulance transportation.

Over the years, medical aid responses have grown to the point where they significantly outnumber fire-related responses. To provide better service and better meet the needs of the community, in September 1978 the District’s Fire Department implemented advanced life support (ALS or paramedics) into its medical care services. With the implementation of advanced life support services, the District’s Fire Department became the first fire agency in the San Bernardino Mountains to provide a 24-hour continuous paramedic program. To enhance its emergency medical care system, the District’s board of directors authorized the Fire Department to provide ambulance transportation services.

During the major winter storms of February and March 2023, the Running Springs firefighters and staff performed the following services:

  • Fielded and triaged hundreds of calls for assistance through 911, social media and the department business phones.
  • Responded to over 134 calls for assistance beyond the normal daily average, including 49 calls that required the use of the specialized Sno-Cat to provide service and rescue and assist Running Springs residents.
  • Established and staffed a prescription drug pickup and delivery service that not only served Running Springs residents, but the residents of Green Valley Lake, Arrowbear Lake and Smiley Park.
  • Assisted in the establishment and opening of an evacuation center at Charles Hoffman Elementary School and a food bank at Calvary Chapel Church. Collected food donations at the fire station and distributed them to residents, the evacuation center and the food bank.

The Running Springs Fire Department began their inspections for the annual weed abatement program in June. They ask residents to do their part in ensuring that their property has met the requirements of the Fire Department. Residents can obtain additional information regarding guidelines for weed abatement at www.runningspringsfd.org or by calling (909) 867-2630.

The Running Springs Fire Department – We are here for you!


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