Save Our Forest Association

Aug 17, 2023 | Opinion

To the editor;

On August 9, 2023 the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors had before it the appeal in the matter pertaining to the proposed construction of a mini-storage facility (PROJ-2020-00205).
The developer, along with architect and biologist, presented a modified building plan. The new structure would be 55,000 SF, no longer the original 71,000 SF, but still a three-story building. It was also argued that there would be minimal environmental impact, especially on sensitive species. However, a board member noted concerns by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife that were submitted to the BOS.
The Save Our Forest Association, local residents and members of the Dogwood Canyon HOA made strong arguments against the project in its present form, pointing out the missing deep environmental review that should be in place of the submitted negative declaration. It was also pointed out that Highway 189 between Blue Jay and Lake Arrowhead Village is one of the oldest roads and that Caltrans is considering improvements that could impact the development.
It was the concerns about the input from CDFW and the lack of input from Caltrans that moved the Board of Supervisors to deny the appeal and to schedule another appeal review for August 27.

Beverly Bernice Voelkelt


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