A game in the rain and a sunrise with seniors

Sep 13, 2023 | Communities, Sports

The fans were hard-pressed to follow the action in Rim’s 16-9 foggy win over the Estancia Eagles on Sept. 1.

Article and photos by Diane Zhang

Special to the Alpine Mountaineer


Is the scoreboard off? Or is the fog just too thick? Nobody could really tell on the evening of Friday, Sept. 1, when the Rim of the World High School varsity football team kicked off their second home game against the Estancia Eagles.

With a thick layer of fog obscuring the field, audiences could hear the players’ chants echoing through the rain. The Rim varsity football team gave it their all during the torrential downpour, with the audience in the bleachers cheering loudly beneath umbrellas and canopies. Many people from the community came to support the players as they persevered through the rainy weather, with temperatures hovering at around a chilly 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

The game ended with a score of 16-9 as the Scots took home another win. Coach Jurado, a veteran football coach at Rim, has coached football for 24 years and is a Rim graduate. In an interview with him, he stated that the team lost a lot of returners from last year’s team as 17 seniors had graduated.

“We’ve got a pretty young tough team, a lot of talent,” Coach Jurado said, “so we’ll see how they respond.”

This year, the varsity football team’s new team captains are 12th graders Drew Tomasello and Cole Paxton. Drew said that he feels ready for the upcoming season, and that he plans on continuing football in college. The next home football game at Rim High School will be on Thursday, Oct. 5, against Grand Terrace. Spectators can buy their tickets on the Go Fan website, with adult tickets priced at $9 and student tickets costing $4. Go Scots!

Senior Sunrise

Seniors gathered in the annual sunrise tradition on Sept. 1.

Seniors gathered in the annual sunrise tradition on Sept. 1.On the same day, Sept. 1, Rim High School students woke up at the crack of dawn to participate in Senior Sunrise, a tradition at the high school where seniors gather on the front lawn of the school to watch the sunrise. Students brought blankets and chairs to sit on as they sipped on free hot cocoa and ate donuts provided by the school.

Ms. Cobb, a photography teacher at Rim High School, said that she has been teaching at Rim High for 15 years, and that this is her 11th year of managing senior events at Rim. She feels events like Senior Sunrise are so special because “it’s the last time you’re going to be with your friends, six hours a day, five days a week. So, take advantage of it. Yes, you had to wake up early today, but what an experience! How cool is it to watch the sunrise with 200 of the people that you grew up with, your closest friends. It’s a magical thing.”

Ms. Cobb always encourages students to attend events like prom and Homecoming because it’s one of the last chances for students to make memories with their fellow classmates. Unlike many other school districts, nearly all students in the Rim of the World Unified School District end up going to the same high school. As such, each graduating class shares close bonds with their classmates, some of whom have known each other since kindergarten.

In an interview with seniors Jason (Ben) Bill and Nikolai Carbaugh, they said that they are enjoying Senior Sunrise with the people that they grew up with, and that they are looking forward to the football games and the prom at the end of the year.  Senior year is a special time and Senior Sunrise is just the beginning of this incredible journey into adulthood.

Club Rush

To top off all this excitement, Club Rush will be on Sept. 15 this year. Club Rush is a lunch time carnival at Rim High School where clubs and sports recruit new members and often raise money by setting up fun games for students to play.

On Wednesday, Aug. 30, presidents and captains from various clubs and sports teams participated in a lunchtime meeting at the school to plan for Club Rush. This event brings together students from all grade levels at the high school and is a great way for students to get to know new people and join new clubs and teams.

With a variety of different clubs and sports to choose from, students are bound to find something they are interested in. Stay tuned!

Diane Zhang, a senior at Rim of the World High School, will be reporting on high school events this year for the Alpine Mountaineer. Welcome, Diane!


  1. Richard Chisler

    The seniors tried to meet at the Lake Gregory Yacht Club but their building had collapsed six months ago. They could only handle the smell there for a few minutes so they retreated to their yachts. So it looks like the neighborhood will endure the winter with the smell but no more yacht club.

    • Richard Chisler

      It was confirmed by an unnamed MTS person that there is no immediate plan to cleanup the collapsed yacht club. So Crestline you need to live with the smell, broken water line and transients. What a tribute to the former Lake Gregory Yacht Club. What an embarrassment!

      • Michelle

        Mr Chisler thank you for your posted update of the collapsed yacht club. We live nearby and the smell is getting worse. They have had water running out of that building for months. We are complained to the County and current members of the yacht club with no response. I know we are supposed to respect the elderly but please. Doing nothing over 7 months is a slap in the face to residents that live there.

        • Michelle

          I just checked again and the water is actively running out of the collapsed yacht house into the street. According to the people directly next door it has been running since the building collapsed in March. Shame on you Lake Gregory Yacht Club for turning out street into a small swamp.

        • Richard Chisler

          Michelle do you know not only did the four yacht club property owners refuse to cleanup their uninsured collapsed building but walked away with a tidy $175,000. Not a bad recovery except the community is left with a their storm disaster.

          • maggie

            Are you kidding: you mean the yacht club pocketed $175,000 and was able to leave us their collapsed building? What a joke! The County dropped the ball in this one.

          • maggie

            There is a moldy foul smell coming from the collapsed yacht club. Over time the odor is becoming so bad we now need to keep our windows closed. The greedy yacht club has made this neighborhood unliveable. They got a bag full of cash and we got sick. Trick or Treat

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