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Oct 11, 2023 | Government, Local

September 26, 2023


LAA (Fraud Credit Application) Spyglass Dr – RP in Twin Peaks station lobby – RP needs to report minor identity theft from two California credit unions – an unknown subject attempted to open a credit line under the victim’s name – victim received a notification of the fraudulent application and contacted his credit union


TPK (290 Registrant) Twin Peaks Station – No report


LAA (Burglary) North Shore Rd – RP doing construction at location – states location is a vacation home – no one should be at location – unknown how entry was made – found residence with windows open – alcohol bottles inside – unknown if anything is missing – homeowner requesting report – contacted RP – would like deputy to respond to collect alcohol bottles – contacted homeowner – will work on property list next time she is at the residence – contacted security officer for Mountain Security, who did a residence check on 9/21/23 between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. – noticed driveway gate open and unknown vehicle in the driveway – thought it was residence – no notes on vehicle type


LAA (Follow Up) Highland Dr – Report pulled – will follow up


TPK (Assault) Lodge Ln/Fire Hall Loop – Fire to location reference a mutual fight – RP calling for further information – female will be in ER bed 1 – needing permission from a parent to treat patient – mother en route from Sugarloaf – RP saw a group of juveniles in San Moritz parking lot – two female juveniles fought on the ground – both parties agreed fight was mutual over a boy and they were friends – contacted parents of all juveniles – small abrasions subject – checked by Fire in the field – subject 1 transported home – subject 2 was transported to Mountains Community Hospital until parent could be notified – parent of subject 2 arrived at Mountains Community Hospital and took custody


September 27, 2023


CRL (Petty Theft) Lake Dr – Occurred during business – subject by the name of “Vic” entered location and stole several items – unknown dollar amount was lost – RP has video surveillance of incident – RP is requesting in-person contact – subject stole a wooden stick and metal signs – video was provided


LAA (Grand Theft Auto) S State Hwy 173 – RP states his vehicle was stolen yesterday morning – RP states his friend’s mother stole the vehicle – vehicle is now pinging in Las Vegas – RP is on S Hwy 138 south of Hwy 173 – RP is in red BMW – does not know friend’s mother’s name – vehicle belongs to RP’s mother – vehicle was recovered on 9/8/23 by Stockton PD – RP stayed at Saddleback Inn with a girl and her mother – RP is in vehicle belonging to unknown woman who took his mother’s car – two juveniles were left at the Saddleback Inn – the mother left them there – claimed she paid for three nights – the mother only paid for a single night – left the kids with no money – mother stole a vehicle and drove to Las Vegas – grandparents of the two juveniles were located and contacted – grandparents took the juveniles to their residence – residence was clear


BLU (Lost Property) State Hwy 189 – Occurred yesterday morning – RP lost his wallet at location – RP is in Pasadena – requesting call from deputy – RP advising he is a retired officer – states his retirement ID was in his wallet – gray, slim fold – believes it could be at the Villager or in the Dogwood parking lot – ATM/credit cards deactivated by RP – no cash inside wallet


September 28, 2023


GVL (Follow Up) Iris Dr – Contact made with subject’s parents – will not be available until after 5:00 p.m. for contact – will follow up


LAA (Identity Theft) Cedarwood Dr – RP in Twin Peaks station lobby – unknown subject(s) used RP’s Social Security number to open up an unauthorized Verizon account – subject(s) bought multiple phones over the course of 11 months – no suspicious emails or names linked to the account so far


CRL (Domestic Battery) N State Hwy 138 – CHP transfer – female yelling erratically – fighting in background – RP advising subject took off in a red sedan – subject was physical with both RP and her mother, who is there – declining medical – RP’s mother advising subject was fighting – while trying to leave, swung at RP’s mother – then took off – advising he has a history of domestic fights – mother declining medical – the victim and subject have been dating for approximately two years – living together for two months – during an argument, subject tried to get his medication from the trunk of the victim’s vehicle – victim claimed he placed her in a headlock, choking her – subject claimed the victim punched him in the head multiple times


TPK (Theft by Fraud) Rose Ln – No report


CRL (Terrorist Threats) Woodsey Rd – Suspect was doing construction at the incident location – suspect’s truck and trailer were blocking the roadway – RP asked suspect to move the vehicle – suspect accused RP of complaining on him – during the altercation, suspect told the RP he had a gun and would kill him – suspect was arrested and transported to CDC without incident


September 29, 2023


LAA (Vandalism) S Cumberland Dr/Mill Pond Bridge Rd – wants to meet with deputy to provide video surveillance of the vandalism the occurred on 9/26/23 – on 8/19/23 at approximately 8:00 p.m., a group of apparent teenagers were loitering on the Mill Pond Bridge entryway – female subject used an unknown object and broke an approximately $1,500.00 piece of custom glass on a light fixture – ongoing investigation to identify subject – president of the HOA desired prosecution


LAA (Warrant Arrest) Village Rd/Lakes Edge Rd – Suspect found to have two warrants for her arrest – deputy contacted her – advised her of her warrants – she was later booked at CDC


LAA (Warrant Arrest) State Hwy 189 – Suspect gave false name – was later found by his fingerprints to have three active warrants


September 30, 2023


CRL (Warrant Arrest) Crest Forest Dr/Playground Dr – Suspect contacted at location – previous knowledge of outstanding warrants – cite released – advised of court date


VOE (Warrant Arrest) Waters Dr – Subject is homeless – keeps coming into the post office harassing the customers – suspect just walked across the street to Magic 7 store – suspect was trespassing at post office and Magic 7 – suspect found to have active misdemeanor warrant – arrested and booked into WVDC


LAA (Miscellaneous Incident) Lake Arrowhead Village – Occurred 20-25 minutes ago – RP’s fiancé and white male adult in a black Prius were verbally fighting – male threw something at fiancé’s vehicle and drove into the parking garage – RP was shaken up – left area – states fiancé is bleeding on his elbow and has road rash – declining medical – RP will at location for deputy contact – subjects were fighting over a parking space – subject drove away, but looped back around to throw a water bottle at victim’s vehicle – victim stood in front of  subject’s vehicle and threw a beer bottle at it – victim said subject drove forward and intentionally hit him – victim had cuts on his head, side and shoulder – subject said victim charged his vehicle and jumped on the windshield, so he panicked and drove away – eventually both parties spoke to each other and apologized – victim said he did not desire prosecution – wanted to drop issue – subject said the same – both parties declined medical attention


October 1, 2023


LAA (Grand Theft Auto) Community Way – RP wanting to report vehicle stolen – does not have plate/VIN – RP advised someone stole his mom’s vehicle out of their driveway – mom is currently in Mexico – nobody has permission to take the vehicle – vehicle last seen on Saturday, 9/30/23 at 8:00 p.m. – RP believed his brother stole the vehicle – brother is homeless and does not live at residence – teletype entered


LAA (Miscellaneous Incident) Lake Arrowhead Resort – Female told security that subject groped her – pushed her into the closet and asked if her buttocks were real or not – female is with housekeeping – RP says subject just started working at location – it is his first day – subject is in the area where the fireplace is – RP has not made contact with subject – subject left on foot – allegations of sexual battery were unfounded after speaking with victim – victim felt in fear when subject asked to grab her butt – no physical touch occurred – subject was returned safely from location due to family making threats – report taken for documentation – subject dropped off at San Bernardino Transit Center per request


LAA (Assault) State Hwy 189 – Occurred less than 10 minutes ago – subject went into the wedding – tried to attack one of the guests – security guard pepper sprayed subject – subject is a guest at the resort – suspect attempted to crash a wedding – started fighting with wedding guest – suspect was trying to fight multiple guests when he swung and punched a male and female in the head and face – suspect desired prosecution – citizen’s arrest forms signed – suspect arrested and booked into CDC


CRL (Grand Theft Auto) Knapps Ctf – Occurred five minutes ago – unknown subject stole RP’s dark blue Toyota Corolla – no subject description – up to date on payments – RP has the keys with her, so if not in range, it should shut off – no unusual vehicle seen in the area – RP waiting outside for deputy contact – out with vehicle occupied by at least one subject waiting on Highland unit


LAA (Grand Theft Recovery) Community Way – CHP transfer – RP calling back – advising brother is at location – returned his mother’s vehicle – RP did not desire prosecution


October 2, 2023


LAA (Paraphernalia) Lake Arrowhead Village – RP states a transient male is sleeping – believes he is smoking drugs (marijuana) – arrest made


LAA (Possession Danger Drugs) S State Hwy 173/Cottage Grove Rd – Suspect detained – vehicle search – arrest made – vehicle towed


CRL (Burglary) Wylerhorn Dr – Just arrived to residence – within the last three weeks, unknown subject(s) made entry to the RP’s residence and ransacked it – it appears the items taken were antique items, but the RP was not aware of exactly what was missing – residence is in probate due to the death of the RP’s husband – spoke with neighbor who has not seen anyone recently, but states they reported to sheriff’s deputies regarding transients seen near the house in the past – RP will attempt to compile list of items she knows are missing – will email it within the week – follow up needed to speak to brother to assure he had not come to gather belongings – no suspect leads at this time


LAA (Felony Spouse Abuse) Short Cut – RP says dad is being physical with her mom – both subjects have been drinking and arguing – RP is screaming – not answering intake questions – female is screaming “get off of me” – line disconnected – dad kicked in the bathroom door – attacked RP – possible gun in the residence, in the bedroom – dad threw mom down the stairs – RP locked in bathroom – medical will be holding call – RP 2 says neighbor threw his wife down the stairs – RP says the couple’s son is at RP’s residence – says he ran out after his mother was thrown down the stairs – unknown if she got up and/or is moving – RP is now saying male left – female being transported to Mountains Community Hospital by Fire – suspect was intoxicated – fought with his wife – pushed her down a flight of stairs –  wife’s daughter barricaded inside the bathroom, which suspect forced entry into – punched victim in the back of the head three times to stop her from contacting law enforcement – suspect left the residence in a 2002 tan Chevy truck – area checks were negative – warrant authorized and signed


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