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Oct 18, 2023 | Local

October 3, 2023


LAA (Miscellaneous Incident) Oak Way/Edge Cliff Dr – CHP transfer – unknown address on Oak Way – gray single story house with dark gray trim – tire swing and boat trailer in driveway – RP heard screaming – juveniles screaming and someone yelling “get off me” – then RP saw a black Honda CRV leaving – no descriptions of subjects – RP heard screaming while on a walk – RP saw female get in a vehicle and drive off – juveniles heard as well – checked with MPH to check on daughter – she was clear – states she had a bad morning and did not want to go to school


CRL (Vehicle Burglary) Lake Dr – CHP transfer – vehicle was broken into over the weekend – location will be the old Presbyterian Church that is being used as a construction site – RP advised plates, but nothing came back – unknown subject(s) forced access into one of the RP’s company vehicles – took approximately $1,360.00 worth of cordless landscape tools – no video footage or witnesses in the area – no serial numbers for the stolen items – no leads at this time


LAA (Miscellaneous Incident) 2N26 Forest Rd – victim went hiking 12 hours ago – he has no food or water – is lost – not injured – advised he was in the Lake Arrowhead area in the river bottom – will be spotted from an aircraft – per RP at iPhone emergency services, victim is texting him – last seen wearing green beanie, green Northface jacket and gray sweatpants – emergency relay advising that 11 minutes ago, a Marine Corp jet flew over location – spotted subject – advising they are sending a helicopter to rescue them – iPhone relaying new coordinates – per relay, victim is saying strange things like planes are going over him and saying help is on the way and that his father is in an aircraft guiding him – iPhone relay advised victim that 40King is in the area – unknown if victim sees 40King – no response from victim – after extensive search and rescue efforts, victim hid from sheriff’s airship and deputies – victim has an outstanding warrant for assault with a deadly weapon – report taken for documentation


LAA (Miscellaneous Incident) State Hwy 189 – RP says she was approached by a male from her past who threatened to shoot her – male left the parking lot in a black GMC – RP leaving the area – asking for phone contact – RP had a previous incident with known male subject – today, while RP was in McDonald’s, subject entered and argued with RP over previous incident at his house – RP’s video shows subject mentioning guns from a past incident, but made no direct threats towards RP – RP argued back until subject left the business – RP wanted to document incident – will call back if needed


LAA (Sex Crime Child) Montreal Dr – Limited report


October 4, 2023


Twin Peaks (290 Registrant) Twin Peaks Station – No report


LAA (Warrant Arrest) Manitoba Dr/Yosemite Dr – Two miles down Manitoba – there is a male, looks to be over 60 years old – lying on the ground – is conscious and breathing – subject told RP he’s been out there for two days, he’s lost and he has no food or water – RP is not with subject now – medical en route – San Bernardino National Forest dispatch advising they received a call reference a nude male wearing slippers and lying on the ground – they are en route also – Fire cleared scene – LA CHP to call back to confirm warrant –  subject evaluated by medical – booked into WVDC for warrant out of LA


LAA (Adult Protective Services Follow Up) Medowbrook Dr – No answer at door – no vehicle at residence – no answer on phone call – deputy left card on door


LAA (Warrant Arrest) Short Cut – RP was the victim of domestic violence – just received information that husband is at address – requesting deputy to check – wants a phone call if husband is arrested – suspect contacted and arrested for his Ramey warrant


Not Given (Warrant Arrest) Fir Ln – Deputy contacted suspect at his residence for a warrant service – suspect opened the door – was compliant with being detained – deputy advised suspect of his warrant – transported suspect to CDC for booking


LAA (Vandalism) Burnt Mill Rd – CHP transfer – RP states she heard loud noises and something being dragged – RP and husband checked and saw door open at a commercial building – no vehicles outside – southwest corner door is open – wasn’t open earlier today – on 10/4/23 at about 9:30 p.m., subject walked into the victim’s commercial storage building, grabbed a large rock and smashed a large window pane – incident captured on victim’s video surveillance – deputy positively identified the suspect in the video – arrest made – victim estimated the damages to be $2,000.00


October 5, 2023


LAA (Lost Property) Annandale Dr – RP in Twin Peaks Station lobby – reporting a daytime theft of a Direct TV box – RP noticed box missing on Tuesday, but possibly missing since 9/28/23 – RP believes someone went in while she was walking her dog – takes about two-hour walks – does not lock her doors – no possibility of box being in any other room in the house – just RP and son – son is immobile – negative surveillance – RP has not found any areas of forced entry – nothing else missing from home – does not have serial number to complete teletype


VOE (Warrant Arrest) Waters Dr/Lupin Ln – Suspect jail checked – cite released at St. Bernardine’s hospital


CED (Rape) Piney Ln – Location is a cabin where daughter was staying – RP just received a call from daughter stating she was raped this morning – RP has limited information – states daughter was hysterical – unknown subject information – states she was with a friend – RP is en route to location – victim didn’t want to wait for SART nurse – no longer wants to press charges or prosecution


VOE (Adult Protective Services Follow Up) Sycamore Ln – Unable to locate – will follow up


October 6, 2023


RSP (Tow Authority) Summit Dr – RP came home and found motorbike in his driveway – bike does not belong to any of the neighbors – RP noticed Suzuki motorcycle dumped over at the end of his driveway on 10/5/23 at approximately 10:00 p.m. – RP had not been to his home for about a month – a neighbor noticed the bike the morning of 10/5/23 – bike plate was not registered – VIN not reported stolen – showed expired from 2009 – phone for registered owner attempted – no answer – left voicemail – will follow up with owner of plate – bike towed – CHP 180 completed – teletype sent


CED (Possession for Sales) Oak Ter/Hook Creek Rd – During a traffic stop, a records check showed suspect was driving without a license – suspect consented to a search of his person and vehicle – during the search, deputy located pre-packaged baggies containing fentanyl inside a backpack and large sum of money – under Miranda, suspect admitted the fentanyl was his – suspect booked at CDC


CRL (Found Property) Ponderosa Dr – Sealed package left in front of RP’s residence – no information on the package – AR magazine recovered


VOE (Miscellaneous Incident) Seeley Dr – 9-1-1 call from subject using someone else’s phone – male at location said he was assaulted by someone at location – had a laceration – medical advised – CHP called to advise the information since they transferred call to medical – CHP could only advise that RP stated someone attacked him – unknown if the other party is still at location or not


LAA (Drunk in Public) Shenandoah Dr – CHP transfer – husband is drunk – has been fighting with RP – RP states it’s not physical – husband is downstairs – possibly in the bedroom – RP is upstairs in the living room – negative weapons – RP negative for drinking/drugs – suspect was contacted during a well check of his wife who claimed suspect was intoxicated and causing a disturbance – suspect stumbled out the front door – got in the middle of deputy’s conversation with RP – he walked down the street and spoke to someone about the incident – he almost fell to the floor – had bloodshot eyes – had an extremely strong odor of alcohol off his body – suspect arrested for public intoxication


CRL (Domestic Battery) Springwater Rd – CHP transfer – RP’s wife hit him and scratched him in the face – RP refused medical – RP walked to neighbor’s to stay separated – occurred one hour ago – RP just wants to make sure everything is peaceful when he goes back home – subject and victim have been married and live together with their 4-year-old daughter – subject came home drunk and wanted to have sex with his wife – subject known by wife to get intoxicated and attempt to force his wife to have sex – victim told subject on numerous occasion that this in not OK – during this incident, victim had to fight subject off her by hitting him several times in the face and head – subject sustained a laceration to his lip, a small cut and scratches to his cheek – an emergency restraining order was authorized and signed by a judge – arrest made – suspect was jail checked and booked into CDC – further follow up for possible additional charges – victim was advised to seek long-term restraining order


October 7, 2023


VOE (Warrant Arrest) Pine Ln – RP advising landlord assaulted her yesterday – deputies were trying to find him – male subject is currently at the skate park en route to the library – RP was involved in a previous dispute with an identified male – RP saw subject walking toward Crestline library where he was contacted by deputies – suspect was arrested and transferred to CDC for booking – laptop bag and paperwork taken for safekeeping


CRL (Paraphernalia) Horst Dr – CHP transfer – son walking on San Moritz toward Lake Gregory Dr – son is screaming and talking to himself – possibly diagnosed with schizophrenia – negative weapons – possibly drunk/high – known to use methamphetamine – deputy contacted suspect on San Moritz – during a probation compliance check, suspect was found to be in possession of a glass pipe with black and brown residue inside – suspect did not appear high – was issued a citation for possession of drug paraphernalia


CRL (Petty Theft) Finhaut Dr – Occurred sometime overnight – RP’s vehicle’s back window left open – unknown subject(s) went into vehicle – took pink slip, glasses and $10.00 – RP does not have camera footage – no alarm heard – no evidence located


CRL (Warrant Arrest) Friendly Ln/Pioneer Camp Rd – Suspect cite released on her warrant


CRL (Burglary) Wabern Dr – Between 10/4/23 and 10/7/23 at 2:00 p.m., unknown subject damaged rear window screen and entered residence – small items were taken – other items were moved throughout the residence – deputy advised homeowner who will follow up when back at residence – photos taken – latent print lifted – no cameras/leads


CRL (Vehicle Tampering) Fern Dr – Today at approximately 11:00 a.m., RP drove his vehicle down the hill – noticed his rear driver’s side tire deflating – mechanic told RP his tire valve was “messed with” – RP reviewed video – noticed on 10/6/23 at approximately 1:14 p.m., his neighbor walked over to RP’s rear driver’s side and crouched down off camera – video does not show behind vehicle – no other cameras – subject not home – unable to contact during investigation – will follow up for contact


TPK (Driving W/O License) State Hwy 189/Sugar Cone Ln – Vehicle stopped for headlight out – driver found to be driving without a license – driver cited – passenger drove vehicle away


October 8, 2023


TPK (Driving W/O License) State Hwy 189 – CHP transfer – multiple vehicles racing up and down the street – now vehicles are pulled into the gas pumps – refusing to leave – approximately six sport type vehicles – drivers of both vehicles were driving without a license – both drivers were given citations – vehicles released to a driver with a valid license


TPK (DUI) State Hwy 189/Blue Jay – Deputy observed the vehicle exit the parking lot of the Dogwood Tavern driving over the curb and median of the parking lot into the roadway – made a left turn onto Hwy 189 – deputy stopped the vehicle – determined the driver was under the influence of alcohol – driver was arrested and transported to CDC – LEMS drew blood – driver was booked without incident – vehicle was released on scene to licensed driver


CRL (Domestic Battery) Springwater Rd – CHP transfer – Suspect and the victim were in an argument which turned physical – during the altercation, suspect threw a power cord at the victim, hitting her in the leg, causing a small cut to her right leg – suspect and the victim have been dating for five years – living together for three years – suspect was transported to CDC without incident where he was booked on domestic charge


LAA (Miscellaneous Incident) Golf Course Rd – Male came into the emergency room with burn on left arm – he claimed by his brother – RP told the hospital that rubbing alcohol was spilled on him and caught on fire – stated his brother was trying to kill him – advising it happened on Friday – male was transferred to ARMC via ambulance – need to make contact with victim at ARMC – no one was home at the residence


CPP (Burglary) On 10/8/23 between 5:30 a.m. and 6:53 p.m., unknown subject(s) forced entry into the garage of residence – stole a motorcycle – subject(s) then gained access to the residence through a small, unlocked kitchen window – stole multiple items valued at $2,000.00 – no video of incident – latent prints lifted – no suspect leads at this time – teletype entered for the motorcycle


RSP (Assault) Circle View Dr – RP’s stepson’s father pushed RP and hit him in the face – subject drove off – RP refused medical – RP 2 was at location to pick up juvenile – says that ex’s new boyfriend assaulted him – medical declined – says he left location – wants deputies to meet him on the way – both males fought each other – no visible injuries on both parties


October 9, 2023


CRL (Vehicle Burglary) Crest Forest Dr – RP was out on a walk – noticed neighbor’s silver Honda rear passenger door open – belongings on the ground – neighbor not home – at approximately 8:00 a.m., two subjects in smaller white Honda broke vehicle back window – drove south on Crest Forest – unknown what items stolen at this time – contacted owner by phone – will follow up when back on the mountain – subjects were possibly two white male juveniles – no further


CRL (Vehicle Burglary) State Hwy 138 – RP’s vehicle was broken into sometime in the past 30 minutes – point of entry was a broken driver’s side window – credit cards taken – unknown if anything else – RP stated there was a beer bottle left underneath the vehicle – RP stated there was an intoxicated male parked next to her vehicle prior to it being broken into – she had a conversation with him – wants the alcohol bottle under her vehicle DNA tested – she wants fingerprints taken – multiple fraudulent transactions made in area of Magic 7 and Ace Hardware – video surveillance showed an identified white male make the transactions – driving a new model sedan – area check negative – warrant approved and sent


CRL (Petty Theft) Lake Dr – Subject stole a rabbit and other items from RP’s business – RP is sitting in front of the station – spoke to subject who says he gave the bunny to a friend who claimed to be the owner – then it was released in the wild near the Crestline skate park – some items stolen were given up by subject – will follow up with RP


CRL (Grand Theft Auto) Crest Forest Dr – Sometime over the weekend, unknown subject(s) stole RP’s vehicle – had to have been during the power outage, because the video surveillance was down – teletype sent


CRL (Domestic Battery) Scenic Dr – CHP transfer – RP states he and wife are both drunk and have been physically fighting – RP states he did not hit wife – RP states wife hit him once when he was driving on the side of the cheek and possibly six other times on the face – wife has a bruise above her eyebrow – medical declined – female in the background – verbally cursing – stating her brother is going to kill him for hitting her – RP and his wife are in an Airbnb – originally live in Las Vegas – RP wants deputies to take pictures in case wife takes him to divorce court due to her being abusive – RP states he is bleeding from his face due to wife slapping him in the face – her nails scratched him – area check for female – female located – RP calling back – sounds drunk – asking for his wife back – wants deputies transporting her to turn around – suspect was transported to CDC – booked for domestic battery


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