Explore the world – through books

Dec 8, 2022 | Business

The grand opening of The Palace of Bone & Salt drew a big crowd.

Reading nooks like this one just beg folks like Helen to sit, relax and try out a book.

The neon sign leads the way to the new bookstore.

(Photos by P.D. Hancock)

Explore the world – through books

By P.D. Hancock
Special to The Alpine Mountaineer

Every sleepy resort town needs a bookstore. On Nov. 26, known as Small Business Saturday, we finally got ours again with the opening of The Palace of Bone & Salt.
Crestline has been the home to purveyors of used books (and new) in the past. Many, I’m sure, can remember perusing the A-frame in town for books…but this place is different. Curated by a younger purveyor, Elise Duggins, this new store has mix of fiction, biography, antique books, stickers, witchy home goods, handmade bookmarks and more. Reading nooks fill spaces and incense burns to add ambiance.
When Duggins moved here from Long Beach two-and-a-half years ago during COVID, she was sad there was no bookstore in town. As a flight attendant, she wanted to have an alternative to working in the skies full time. She took it as an opportunity to do something she had always wanted to do: Open a shop.
Although it is tucked back in the corner behind Lake Gregory Pharmacy, word has traveled fast. Duggins has noted the community has been very supportive. Check it out at 580 Forest Shade, Unit 10, in Crestline – in the back of the parking lot near Dr. Bramson’s office.
You could snuggle up to Duggins’ cute little dog and try out a selection to take home.
Have books you would like to donate? Duggins will give you 10 percent off your purchase for your donation.


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