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Jan 12, 2023 | Mountain Events

trivia night

Free Trivia Night at San Moritz Lodge this Saturday

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You are hereby being challenged, but in a fun way. The Lake Gregory Company is sponsoring a free community Trivia Night and has invited all interested community members or visitors to join them on Saturday evening, Jan. 14 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the San Moritz Lodge to show off their knowledge of facts of trivia.
It should be a night of fun, playing with and against neighbors and friends for the “trivia king or queen” bragging title.
The Lake Gregory Company has hired a professional trivia hostess to come to town with the questions to coordinate this high-stakes event, with the promise of challenging those mountain experts who enjoy trivia in all areas of information. There will be prizes for the winners, supplied by the Lake Gregory Company.
Imagine yourself inside the San Moritz Lodge this Saturday night with a roaring fire, tables filled with friends and competitors surrounding you, Buddy’s BBQ food in front of you and a friendly atmosphere of facts swirling in the air. You can listen to your teammates as they try to answer the trivial facts on numerous topics, or you may be the one with all the answers.
What a great way to spend a winter evening, meeting others in such an electrified atmosphere. Plus, you will get to know more about your longtime friends as they amaze you with their streams of knowledge in areas you’ve probably never discussed with them before. This free evening of fun is one not to miss.
There will be six rounds of questions and each team will submit their written answers to the trivia host who will announce winners of each round as the evening progresses. The prizes for some rounds will include food from Buddy’s or a round of drinks and other smaller prizes. People will be milling and socializing around the room, talking with each other between rounds and enjoying each other’s company.
“The grand prize is yet to be announced,” said Marissa Maxcy, Lake Gregory activity coordinator. “However, the more that come to this evening of trivia, the more fun it should be.”
Mountain Trivia Night is a team contest, so residents should ask their friends or even smart acquaintances who are knowledgeable in various fields of trivia to join them, creating teams of up to six members, in an attempt to capture the top honors. By doing this as a team, no one person has to know everything, but as a team they could confer and agree on a team answer and succeed at a higher level. This is the first time this trivia night has been attempted in Crestline in such a large format where anyone may attend, and for free.
Individuals may also come and sign up and, while there, find other individuals to create a team on the spot. What a unique opportunity to come together and challenge yourself and learn about your friends and neighbors on an otherwise possibly dreary Saturday evening.
For more information, call (909) 338-2233 during business hours, or see their website, Parking is free for those attending this event as a competitor or observer. Just arrive for this evening of fun; there is no need to RSVP.
There will be food, drinks and “adult beverages” available for purchase from the Lake Gregory Company, Buddy’s BBQ and others.
“We hope to see you there,” said Nathan Godwin, manager of the Lake Gregory Company.


trivia night

trivia night


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