Hathaway Letter

Feb 2, 2023 | Editorial

Hey there, all you Alpine Mountaineers!

Stumbled onto your newspaper site and enjoyed it immensely tonight as I was searching for vacation rentals for my grandparents for their upcoming trip to Crestline.
I thoroughly enjoyed your story on the relaunch of The ‘A’ Burger. My troop had eaten scads of Liz’s awesome burgers there when I was a mere tot! Well, since I was a Boy Scout at the time, let’s just say I was an older tot! To this day I don’t know how that wonderful lady put up with all of us high-energy 12-year-olds without drowning us in Lake Gregory. Perhaps she forgave the insanity of us because we certainly kept her working day after day after day for the whole week we were there.
We ate at a sit-down restaurant once for breakfast (it was located in what they called Top Town), but I get the feeling that we were uninvited and encouraged to dine elsewhere after that particular morning – like maybe over (or in) a Scout campfire. So, Liz saved the day! And the day after that – and the – well, you get the picture.
In fact, the reason my grandparents chose Crestline is because of the happy memories they had with us when they accompanied our troop on that trip as helpers (more like “wranglers” actually). They’ll sure be glad to learn of The ‘A’ Burger’s reopening.
So, kudos to your wonderful paper for publishing stories like that one. Remember: All news is local news, but community newspapers report what Truly matters. Don’t ever forget that when you put the paper to bed each week.

Cade Jay Hathaway
Originally from Washington but now living full-time in Denmark!


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