New Crestline Chamber director: Mike Ellison

Feb 8, 2023 | Business

mike ellison


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The newest member of the Crestline Chamber of Commerce board of directors is the owner of a relatively new business in Crestline, Ellison Asphalt, which has been in business for two years. Mike Ellison has lived in Crestline for four years but been visiting and has loved the mountains for much longer than that, while working in San Bernardino. He will bring a new perspective and energy to the board.

Ellison is a seasoned veteran in knowing the way government works, having retired four years ago after 30 years in government service. He moved to the mountains after being the acting supervisor for the City of San Bernardino, working in water and wastewater management systems. Retiring as a supervisor, he has decades of being a leader of many employees and getting things done, efficiently and on budget. This knowledge should help the town grow in tourism and other positive ways the chamber can affect the area.

“I joined the chamber initially to be involved in the community and use my life experiences to improve what we already have here,” said Ellison. “Then, I felt with my skills and management experience I could help make things begin to happen in Crestline, so I ran and got elected to the board of directors. I already see several places where my unique skills may be able to be used.”

He and his wife, Michelle – who will be retiring as an airline flight attendant for SkyWest Airlines in another year or so – chose to move to Crestline because they found it so relaxing and yet invigorating. Michelle was born at St. Bernardine’s in San Bernardino and has always felt connected to these mountains. Between them, they have six adult children between the ages of 25 to 42 and three grandchildren.

While he was still working, they frequently visited Crestline. After moving to town, he realized he was not built to sit still and now walks the lake daily. He has held a contractor’s license for 25 years, knowing that knowledge would assist him and give him the tools to be self-employed someday.

He began Ellison Asphalt two years ago and is pleased at how he has found a niche business that was needed up here.  He has four employees; they sealcoat driveways, repair potholes, do crack sealing and do asphalt connections between the street and driveways as the county keeps changing street heights. Ellison Asphalt also power washes and stripes commercial and other parking lots. In addition, he does wintertime snow removal. The company is kept busy doing those quality asphalt upgrades for his customers, so he does not install new driveways, although that may be a consideration in the future.

“I do a good job for my customers. I’m efficient and set high standards for myself and those who work for me,” added Ellison. Driveways and parking lots take a beating from the elements up here. “We won’t just paint your driveway black, we will sealcoat it with the finest materials and protect it from the elements up here.”

His website,, has all the specifications and details of his services. He is upfront with his products and services and has a Facebook page at Mike Ellison Sealcoating. Call Ellison Asphalt and Sealcoating at (909) 589-0892 and (951) 259-2621 or email him at [email protected].

Ellison will strive to apply his high standards and transparency to the work he does for the chamber as well.  “I want people to follow through on promises they make to the community so we can promote top quality events and bring pride to the community. I will also hold myself accountable to those same standards and I hope the community responds positively to what the chamber creates.”

The Crestline Chamber of Commerce has public board meetings the third Tuesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. at the chamber office at 24384 Lake Drive in Crestline. For more information about events or meetings, call (909) 338-2706.


mike ellison

New Crestline Chamber of Commerce Director Mike Ellison (Photo by Rhea-Frances Tetley)


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