Snow collapses roofs of businesses and homes

Mar 8, 2023 | Business

roofs 1 goodwins

Now that it is possible to drive around Crestline, such as the drive is, there is no question about the mess this storm has made of the streets, but even worse is the devastation to local businesses, organizations and homes.

There are numerous documented occurrences of roof collapses along with many more reports of roof damage from residents. The amount of snow this storm has brought is highly unusual and has been especially heavy. While most buildings are typically built to handle the snow load here in the mountains, this amount is not something people anticipate. Add to that the fact that some buildings are older and some of the ones damaged had flat roofs, which take the entire weight of the snow.

Some of the notable businesses that have suffered catastrophic damage from roof collapses are Goodwin’s Market, Foxhound Studio, the Lake Gregory Yacht Club, Akasha Healing, Mountain Magic Motors, Linder’s Tires and, to some degree, Jensen’s Market in Blue Jay.

One business, Remember Me, burned last year but has now completely collapsed.

The Alpine Mountaineer has received statements from some of the owners of these buildings and is publishing them here along with some of the photos of the destruction.

The Lake Gregory Yacht Club

Good news, the Lake Gregory Yacht Club is alive and thriving. It is my sad duty to confirm what you heard about the building. The roof collapsed on our clubhouse on Forest Shade Lane.

Based on pictures we have seen, it appears the building is a complete loss. It’s too soon to know about the contents or about the sheds or the boats.

But that said, the club will continue. The building is not the club. We are already looking for alternative places to hold our social events and meetings. At this moment, we are still planning

on holding our St Patrick’s Day event, but we’ll know more about that in the

coming days.

Lake Gregory Yacht Club will continue to exist. We will have social events, RC Regattas, and skippered boats on the lake. The leadership team will keep you informed as we know more. For all of you on the mountain, hang in there and let the rest of us know if there is anything we can do for you.

–Doug Howardell, 2023 Commodore

Goodwin & Sons Market

To our valued customers:

Despite our best efforts of snow removal from our roof during this historic storm, the additional 2-foot snow load from last night’s storm was too much for it to handle. The corner of the roof was comprised before 4:00 a.m. this morning (March 1) when Mike Johnstone and two employees were in the store. They evacuated and immediately called the fire department and building inspector.

By the late morning when the building inspector was outside with David Goodwin and Mike Johnstone, the remainder of the roof came down.

After a few tears were shed and few moments to process the store that their father and grandfather built, they stood up, dusted off and started making calls to the insurance adjuster and contractor to get the ball rolling on the repairs.

Although we are unable to help service the community at this immediate time, we WILL NOT let you down. We will work tirelessly to get back up and running even better than ever!

Thank you for your support. We will make sure and keep everyone updated as things progress.

–With all our Love, The Goodwin Family and Staff

Jensen’s Finest Foods

We want to thank everyone for their concern.

Earlier today (March 2) we did notice some sagging in the roof of our Blue Jay location. We have been in contact with the local fire department and building inspector to make sure the building is sound.

Unfortunately, we just had the building inspected and there is more going on than meets the eye. The building is currently red-tagged. We are waiting on an engineer to assess the situation. In the meantime, we ask that you continue to stay safe and check on your neighbors.

Material things can be repaired and replaced; community is forever.

–With all our love, The Jensen’s Family.


They are calling it “snowmageddon.” Absolutely apropos if you ask the people on the street.

This week, Nature really walloped our mountain. So many people lost their jobs, their homes and their businesses that it has become ubiquitous. Driving down Lake Drive in Crestline, nearly everything is shuttered; some buildings are crushed as if by an angry giant and people are reeling from the devastation.

When a person owns a business, all of their money, time, heart and soul go into it and to have it decimated in a matter of minutes is shocking. Beloved businesses have lost their premises, people have lost their livelihood and the town has lost centers of activity and community.

Akasha has stood in this town for nine years and now, we will have to reimagine what all of this means for us and our community. Beautiful, one-of-a-kind art has been destroyed and a hub of community outreach and support will be shuttered for a time.

The same determination that kept us open for such a long time will drive us to rebuild and emerge victorious, as will our valued neighbors that have also suffered unimaginable losses.

Akasha wishes to extend our most heartfelt thanks to our friends who have offered to help us sift through the rubble to hopefully reclaim some of our treasures.

–Gunnar Knut Jorgenson

roofs 1 goodwins

The roof at Goodwin & Sons Market collapsed on March 1. (Photo: Jonathan Lloyd and Associated Press)

roofs 2 linders

The damage to Linder’s Tires. (Facebook)

roofs 3 yacht club

roofs 4 yacht club 2

roofs 5 yacht club 3


Members of the Lake Gregory Yacht Club fear the building is a complete loss. (Photos: Lake Gregory Yacht Club)

roofs 6 remember me

Remember Me, which had burned last year, collapsed under the weight of the snow. (Photo: Kathy Creighton)

roofs 7 cal fire clearing roof of ace garden center

A Cal Fire crew clearing snow off the roof of the Ace Garden Center. (Photo: Aaron Creighton)

roofs 8 mountain magic motors

Mountain Magic Motors also sustained damage to its roof. (Photo: Kathy Creighton)

roofs 9 foxhound

Despite clearing efforts, part of the roof at Foxhound Productions collapsed. (Photo: Aaron Creighton)

roofs 10 akasha

Despite clearing efforts, part of the roof at Foxhound Productions collapsed. (Photo: Aaron Creighton)


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