Firework Haze IPA rescuing fireworks funding deficit

May 3, 2023 | Business

(Photos: Jenna Rose Photography) Adam Hernandez (l), brewmaster at Crestline's Three Marm Brewery, works with Kenneth Williams of Mountain Beverage Source on a vat of Firework Haze IPA.


Profits from the sale of Firework Haze IPA will benefit the Fourth of July fireworks fund.

Profits from the sale of Firework Haze IPA will benefit the Fourth of July fireworks fund.

Creating funding for Crestline’s Jamboree Days fireworks show has been a topic of discussion on social media platforms and at the Crestline Chamber of Commerce meetings. When the weather and construction at Lake Gregory prevented the annual Duck Derby fundraiser from taking place, concern in the community arose as it was the major fundraiser for the fireworks fund.

Then one Crestline company, the Mountain Beverage Source, stepped up to help by offering a solution, including a fun fundraiser. The problem was how to raise over $12,500 and the solution offered is two-fold.

One idea was placing donation buckets at all community events and businesses for the fireworks fund, as has been done in the past, but Goodwin’s Market, which has always been the largest collection point, is currently closed so a downturn in the amount collected is anticipated.

The second idea is a fundraiser organized through the various bars and at the Friday Night Market by offering a special IPA by a local brewer. The local brewery, which was formerly known as SoCal.Beer, LLC, moved to Crestline four years ago and now has recently relocated in Crestline and changed their name to Mountain Beverage Source. This name reflects their wider brewing and distribution focus, which also includes fine wines, mead and other items.

“As a chamber member, and a serious enjoyer of fireworks over Lake Gregory, when Goodwin’s was lost in the storm and the Duck Derby was canceled, the question of how to fund the fireworks became a serious concern to all. But to enable people to remain employed and to raise money for fireworks, I knew something needed to be done,” said Mountain Beverage Source owner Ken Williams.

“I had a great recipe for what has become Firework Haze IPA and wanted to share it. What else could we do, other than to brew up these three batches of Firework Haze IPA and convince our bar owners to donate their profits to the fireworks fund? It is a great plan. The bar owners are behind it and I’m positive our community will enjoy supporting it,” Williams noted.

The Mountain Beverage Source has created 16 barrels of a special Firework Haze IPA at its own expense, including buying all the ingredients, which will be on tap and poured at several locations in Crestline. It is described as a juicy citrusy IPA that is delicious and very hoppy. It is now available at such bars as the Bear Claw, the Rim Sports Bar and at the Friday Night Market Nights; the profits will be donated to the fireworks fund.

If all the beer is sold, enough will be donated to pay for half of the cost of the fireworks. After Jamboree Days, Mountain Beverage Source, since this is a one-time only brew, will share the recipe with those home brewers who want to recreate the fabulous taste of the Firework Haze IPA.

Every week, the Firework Haze IPA will be available at the Friday Night Farmer’s Market, which, along with its vendors and concerts for this first month only, will be held in the north shore parking lot of Lake Gregory. The brew will also be at the monthly Witches Market at Bizzyland and soon will be at the Stockade.

The Crestline Chamber of Commerce hopes residents will support this fundraiser for the fireworks fund this year. Those who prefer may donate to the fireworks cannisters at local merchants throughout town.

For more details or to donate to the fireworks fund, call the Crestline Chamber office at (909) 338-2706.


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