Goodwin’s applies for first building permit

Jun 18, 2023 | Business


By Mike Harris – Special to the Alpine Mountaineer

A new phase in returning Goodwin’s Market to business began Friday, June 9, when the family presented to the county its application for a building permit to construct a new, stronger roof for the market.

“We will be building a new roof structure that will be around double the strength it was before,” Mike Johnstone, Goodwin’s Market’s general manager told the Alpine Mountaineer. “The original roof used 80-foot spans, so we will be going to 40-foot spans.” Goodwin’s architectural team is WSCS Design of Ontario.

On Wednesday, March 1, the roof of the 43,000-square foot Goodwin & Son’s Market, Crestline’s only full-service grocery store, completely caved in under the weight of several feet of snow.

Basically, Goodwin’s will be creating a building inside of a building.

Having the spans closer together will mean a stronger roof, able to support more weight from any future snowstorms. It will also mean the inside of the store will need more steel columns to support the stronger roof, which will mean a feeling of less openness inside the store.

“We’ll be looking for ways to incorporate those columns, such as putting them behind store shelves,” Johnstone said.

Goodwin’s is hoping to get feedback from the county about plans for the roof within next 30 days and to make any corrections to the plan right away.

“We want to start construction on the roof structure in August, and we’re hoping to have the roof completed by November,” Johnstone added.

Applying for a building permit first is part of two-pronged approach to rebuilding the market.

Phase one is focusing on the roof; Phase two will tackle the interior of the market, Johnstone said.

“We’re looking to have plans ready for the inside within the next six weeks,” he stressed. “We want to have the roof done by November before the winter weather.”

Once the roof is finished, construction can continue inside even if bad weather hits.

“Our engineer feels as though the existing walls are strong and do not need to be repaired,” Johnstone added.

Goodwin’s is estimating the market will reopen by early summer of 2024.


  1. Rick

    We are all so proud of Goodwins in rebuilding their business that is so vital to our mountain community. Also Ace Hardware came back so quickly and the Tire Shop in Top Town. We see individual homes and small businesses being restored along with a lot of tree work. Just that collapsed Lake Gregory Yacht Club needs to be bulldozed. But thank God for the effort collectively we can witness.

  2. Shelli

    Glad to see our beloved Goodwins making progress. They must have carried good insurance. Not everyone in the mountains was so lucky. Can you imagine how many foolish residences and businesses thought they did not need snow roof coverage.

    • A Responsible Homeowner

      Shelli: talking insurance if you talk to residents and business owners as I have it is a story of smart and dumb. The insured who had A rated carriers where paid but some of the insured that signed up with lower tiered carriers are having difficulty getting paid. Who thunk it? And the stupid people with no insurance with perhaps a collapsed roof are finding their property has little or even negative value. The lesson learned is nobody likes to pay for insurance but it is a must for all owners. Otherwise be a renter where you can walk away. Thanks Shelli for bringing this up.

  3. A Thankful Customer

    The Goodwin family is so good for our mountain community. They are generous and run a first class business. They are keeping there staff together while they go through this painful rebuilding process. Obviously they know how to manage a mountain business as it appears they were fully insured for the 100 year storm we suffered through. That is why they will be successful for years to come. Thank you Goodwins and we all will always support you.


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