Return to the Batcave to be shown at Leisure Shores

Jul 20, 2023 | Mountain Events

Return to the Batcave


The Friday afternoon movie at Leisure Shores at 3 p.m. on July 21 is the CBS-TV movie Return to the Batcave with a special guest star in person at the showing.

Zack Milan, who played the role of the “Mysterious Stranger” who stole the Batmobile from Batman and Robin in the movie, will be speaking to the audience. Milan, who is an actor and stunt man, currently lives in Crestline and will be answering questions about the making of the movie.

“I had a blast that summer of 2002 filming it,” Milan said.

In the movie, Adam West and Burt Ward, as themselves, follow clues to try to get the Batmobile back when it was stolen by a mysterious stranger from a charity event. Along the way, they reminisce in flashbacks with younger actors, playing themselves. The movie has many of the original villains in it, both in flashbacks and in current day.

Those who want to attend the showing should bring their own snacks to eat while watching the movie during this free event at Leisure Shores Senior Center on the eastern shore of Lake Gregory.


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