American Pickers is seeking ‘rusty gold’

Aug 3, 2023 | Mountain Events, Trending

Mike Wolfe being filmed doing one of his picks for the TV show American Pickers. (Contributed photo).


Are you a collector of Americana items? Have you watched the TV show American Pickers on the Discovery Channel and wondered whether the Pickers would be as interested in your precious treasures as you are – you know, those items you have passionately collected over the years?

Here is an opportunity to offer your private collection to the Pickers to look through. Mike Wolfe, the originator of the American Pickers series, is seeking new places to explore, so he is coming to California to film the TV show.

The Pickers are arriving in California this coming September and are seeking “historically significant or rare items, in addition to unforgettable characters and their collections.” They’ve purchased a lot of rusty gold over the years but are always looking to discover something they’ve never seen before. They want to find extraordinary items and hear the fascinating tales behind them. They do pay for the items they decide they want to buy.

The show wants old or historic items which they call “rusty gold,” items such as old signs, antique cars, toys and other items with a history or memories behind them, plus the story of how they were acquired and maybe why they were kept or forgotten about in the shed.

Meredith Ball, the show’s producer, is seeking leads to people and private collections that may be fascinating for the TV show. They are not interested in looking at items from places that are open to the public such as stores, flea markets, businesses, museums or auctions.

If you have such a lifetime collection of old items or know someone who does and want to be considered for the show, contact the producers at (646) 493-2184. Or send them your name, phone number, location and a description of the collection with photos in an email to [email protected]. Visit their Facebook page @gotapick for more information and their website at for ideas of the variety of items they are seeking.



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