Crestline Chamber of Commerce looks forward to fall

Aug 26, 2023 | Business


At the Crestline Chamber of Commerce’s August meeting, they discussed the lack of porta-potties at the Heart Rock trailhead. After speaking with the U.S. Forest Service, which manages the trail, it was learned the Forest Service does not intend to change the situation. Past chamber president Louis Boehle has been doing some pricing investigation. He learned that the porta-potty folks won’t install one (or more) unless there is also trash service to the area so it doesn’t just become a trash can.

After hearing more discussion, led by Boehle, Director Mike Johnstone said he will make sure the funding is available to get this project started and get them installed before Labor Day weekend as that is when hiking begins to be very popular again, since that is usually when the weather cools a bit and it is after the beach at the lake closes. The chamber will then find the $3,000 funding to do a one-year contract with weekly cleaning and trash pickup.

After that, they may talk about some signage and having a map installed at the parking area to get folks safely to the Heart Rock Trailhead from Highway 138. This was a topic under discussion before COVID but is now being revisited, as it is a highly visited trail in our community.

This porta-potty/trash service was previously funded personally by contractor Mick Hill. A discussion then began about asking for some funding partners from the community who might want to put their ad on the dumpster. Mike Johnstone will pay the initial amounts needed to get these installed ASAP.

Prior to COVID, Small Business Saturday was a very popular weekend for merchants in Crestline; the chamber is deciding on a different approach this year. They are considering a Bingo-type card being issued for the month of September where customers get stamps on a card and then turn it into the chamber for a chance at winning a gift card in a drawing. The details are being worked out and merchants are being encouraged to get involved in the “Shop Small” event all September long. Look for details forthcoming.

The Crestline Magazine will again be a fall/winter issue with a story deadline date of Sept. 20 so the publication can be out before Thanksgiving. They are still seeking those who want to be involved in the production of the magazine. If a business wants to buy an ad, they need to contact the chamber as soon as possible to get the photos and ads completed in time.

There are two more Corks & Hops events on the schedule for this year on the first Saturdays of September and October. Discussion took place on the number of vendors that are good for such an event to make sure all have the opportunity to be successful. It seemed the addition of a couple of sheriffs made the event flow well, with fewer open containers in town. The bounce house at Higher Grounds is getting more popular with the parents. The merchants seem happy with the event.

The “Sign-up Genius” QR code is helping Idyllwild organize volunteers for their events and the chamber is looking into using it as well, said Sarah Gutierrez, the new coordinator of Corks & Hops. It will keep track of volunteer hours and contact them when an event is upcoming to see if they want to participate.

The Top Town Fall Festival will be on Saturday, Nov 11, which is also Veteran’s Day; the chamber hopes to include veterans in the celebration. Since the festival doesn’t start until the afternoon, it won’t interfere with the 11 a.m. Veteran’s Day celebrations on the mountain. There will be a beer garden, music, chalk drawing on the road, a bounce house is possible, with Crest Forest Drive, west of Highway 138, closed for the safety of the attendees. They invite all to attend as it is a family event.

The chamber of commerce is having a mixer for all business owners in town to attend and get to know each other better at Leisure Shores on Thursday, Aug. 31 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. These mixers allow business owners to meet each other and learn about the programs the chamber of commerce can offer to help them grow their business.

The Crestline Chamber of Commerce meets the public on the third Tuesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. at the chamber office at 24385 Lake Drive in Crestline. The public is invited to attend and get involved in the events the chamber puts on for the community.







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