Flying Squirrel Vintage for mid-century modern décor

Aug 26, 2023 | Business

Mid-century modern was quite a colorful era of decor.


The Flying Squirrel Vintage Emporium, which focuses on mid-century modern décor items for homes, opened last May. This unique store, on Lake Drive in Crestline, is a must-visit location for visitors and residents because of the variety of items it stocks, both new and vintage.

Most homes and cabins on the mountain were built after WWII, which is when mid-century modern styling was designed for, to represent the new modern attitudes after the war. The home items celebrated the new inventions and conveniences of the second half of the 20th century. The store has many examples of the modern colors and devices used during that era. It is so fun to see them all.

The store stocks many kitchen items such as cannisters and kitchen tools, in the aqua, green and yellows so commonly used then, as it made the kitchen shine. Owners Sara and Chris Bomomoa only curate high quality or new items, so do not confuse this vintage store with a second-hand store. They have classic appliances, such as a stove and refrigerator from the 50s to showcase her vintage items, which attract a lot of attention on their own. There is so much on display in the store, and the selection is amazing. Stepping into it can bring a wave of nostalgia and longing for the good old days.

In addition to the designs and authentic items from that era, Sara also stocks reproduction items and foods reminiscent of that era. Because that is the era many local residents grew up in, it invokes the nostalgia of their childhoods. Many people who had mountain cabins would bring their older items to the mountains to use in the vacation home, as the decades passed, so many classic homes up here already have the mid-century modern vibe with their sets of Pyrex colored bowl and those homeowners want to add to the décor.

Flying Squirrel Vintage has items for the kitchen or living room from the late 40s through the 60s, with glassware, textiles, ceramics and artwork, and small kitchen appliances. This time period was an era of new modern gadgets reflecting the optimistic outlook after the war years, and were streamlined in design, reflective of the beginning of the space age.

Owners Sara and Chris also use local vendors and artisans from the local area to create new items of nostalgia. Sara has designed wooden laser-cut key rings with the Yodeler from the Club San Moritz that decorate the Switzerland monuments in town and other mountain designs, unique to her store. She has even designed and had made wooden squirrels to pull out hot oven shelves.  She has the ability to custom etch glasses with family initials as they did back then.

Last month the store was a part of the community “Camp-Out’ with Encompass Antiques and Gifts, which is located on the other end of their parking lot. There were crafts for children and folks could roast the largest-ever-seen marshmallows over the “campfire.” There was also live musical entertainment from Whiskey Sunday, food and drinks. This will happen again as a “Fall Fling” event with similar activities, including food, drink, live music and activities to enjoy on the first day of autumn, Sept. 23 from 4 to 8 p.m. “Bring a lawn chair and enjoy as we gather as a community!” said Chris.

The crochet evening event at Flying Squirrel Vintage was one of their community events.

The crochet evening event at Flying Squirrel Vintage was one of their community events.

The store also hosts community events such as a monthly crochet session led by Cindy Carpenter. Last month they had over a dozen attend, socializing as they crocheted various projects each person was working on, as some others earned to crochet for the first time. A third crochet get-together is already in the planning for next month. “I can’t wait until the next one; it was so fun and relaxing, and the Flying Squirrel is absolutely adorable,” said Carpenter.

Flying Squirrel Vintage is a delight for the eyes, and run by delightful people, the Bomomoas, who have been collecting vintage items for this store for years and appreciate the high quality of the mid-century modern era.



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