Navigating estate planning for LGBTQ+ couples: Beyond death, planning for life – Part 2

Oct 25, 2023 | Business

Regardless of marital status, estate planning extends beyond death – it safeguards the well-being of your partner and addresses life’s uncertainties. For LGBTQ+ individuals, comprehensive estate planning is vital, given complex family dynamics.

Part 1 in last week’s issue emphasized the limitations of wills and highlighted incapacity planning’s significance. Another critical consideration is securing parental rights for the non-biological parent of minor children, ensuring their protection and legal standing within your estate plan.

Safeguarding familial bonds: LGBTQ+ parents and guardianship: For LGBTQ+ couples, the concept of family transcends biological ties and encompasses chosen family members bound by affection and mutual support. Parents within these relationships prioritize the welfare and safety of their children. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, having a well-structured plan in place becomes paramount, especially concerning the selection of legal guardians for their children.

This need is particularly pronounced when children do not have biological ties to one of their parents, such as stepchildren or offspring born to unmarried same-sex parents. These situations often require a unique legal approach. Additionally, LGBTQ+ parents may face resistance from family members who have concerns about non-biologically related or LGBTQ+ guardians, regardless of the parents’ marital status.

Similarly, if there is discord within the family over certain parenting choices or unconventional lifestyle decisions, such as embracing gender fluidity or discussing non-traditional subjects, designating guardians who align with your values becomes imperative.

The vital role of legal guardianship for LGBTQ+ families: To avoid potential conflicts and ensure consistent care for your children, explicit designation of legal guardians within your estate plan becomes paramount. This step establishes a legal framework dictating the individuals entrusted with your children’s well-being in your absence, regardless of their biological relationship or sexual orientation. This documentation not only safeguards your preference for guardianship but also ensures that chosen individuals, who hold a special place in your children’s lives, will continue to shape their upbringing.

Failure to document your preferences opens the door for relatives with differing views to vie for the role of guardian, potentially subjecting your children to an upbringing that does not align with your wishes. Such a scenario could also jeopardize the involvement of other essential parental figures in your children’s lives.

Given these concerns, it’s crucial for LGBTQ+ couples, particularly those with children, to partner with skilled estate planning attorneys. These professionals will develop customized plans that effectively safeguard your intentions from potential court challenges by family members who may dispute your relationship.

This article is provided by your local estate planning attorney, Corina Colan.

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