Crews push to finish Goodwin’s roof

Nov 1, 2023 | Business

Crews work to install the interior portion of the new roof for Goodwin’s Market. (Photo courtesy Goodwin’s Market)

By Mike Harris

Special to the Alpine Mountaineer


Knowing that any measurable rain could delay construction, crews are working quickly to finish the new roof for Goodwin’s Market.

“I think we should be seeing the roof structure getting completed in the next month, maybe finished by Dec. 7,” said Mike Johnstone, VP and general manager for Goodwin and Son’s Market. “Once the roof is finished, then we can jump inside.”

Johnstone said the interior design, “is coming along nicely.”

He added that materials for the roof are coming in. “We’ve now got enough materials for the next three weeks,” he said.

Not much can be done right now on the interior of the store.

“Because the framers are using their heavy equipment inside, we can’t get in there to start work on the interior.”

Johnstone is also expecting to soon receive permits from the county’s environmental health department and building and safety.

“The county is really getting things to us quickly,” he added.

Johnstone said customers have been asking if Louise, the market’s candy maker, will be coming back once the market is up and running again in spring 2024.

“Absolutely,” Johnstone said. “Louise is currently making candy for us at our Redlands store, and we have some items brought up for our pop-up market.”


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