The Stockade to host Compton Cowboys

Jun 30, 2022 | Business, Crestline

Staff Writer

The World-Famous Stockade Grub and Whiskey Restaurant is honored that the Compton Cowboys have agreed to come up to the mountain to ride in the Jamboree Days parade and then perform some street country music that afternoon on their outdoor patio stage.

At 2 p.m. Randy Savvy will be performing, followed by Wyman and the Wolves prior to the fireworks. These recognized street country singers are just the first of many well-known name entertainers the Stockade will be bringing up the mountain to entertain the community this next year. After the fireworks, the Stockade will also be the go-to place to hang out and celebrate the Independence Day weekend.

The Compton Cowboys are both a professional music and performance group, as well as a valuable community resource organization. They will be bringing about a half-dozen riders to Crestline for the Jamboree Days parade. The Compton Cowboys began as a group of childhood friends who joined together to use horseback riding and equestrian skills to provide value-positive role modeling and influences for inner-city children.

The cowboy is a powerful image for all children and, historically, after the Civil War many of the cowboys out working the range were black, so children in Compton are positively influenced by the Compton Cowboys. As they learn to care for and manage the large animals, they learn pride and responsibility, and it keeps them too busy to get involved with gangs and drugs.

In previous years, Crestline had some youth equestrian programs, but they have fallen by the wayside in recent years. Crestline also used to have numerous horse-riding stables, and horses were a common sight in town. There used to be so many equestrian units in the parade that they had a separate category for their entries for winning ribbons.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to have the Compton Cowboys honor us by riding in the Jamboree Days parade this year,” noted Dirk Rinker, a co-chair of the Jamboree Days weekend event.

The Compton Cowboys program evolved from the Compton Junior Posse program in the 1990s, which was a nonprofit in South-Central LA, which introduced them to horseback riding and an equestrian lifestyle. It also has a positive influence on other members of their surrounding community. Together, the Cowboys care for their horses, maintain their stalls, feed, ride and train together, while looking after the health of their mounts.

After the Jamboree Days parade on Saturday, the horses will be hitched to the hitching post in front of the Stockade and the Compton Cowboys will be having a meet-and-greet with them and the horses, for the riders to meet the members of the community.

Aside from parades, the Compton Cowboys also compete in various equestrian and rodeo events around Southern California, including English hunter jumping and bull riding events, creating a positive African-American presence among the rodeo circuit.

The World-Famous Stockade Bar and Grill will be having musical performances in the future in many genres, including jazz, blues, country, punk, rock and others to entertain the community.

“This weekend is just the beginning of many musical performers coming and playing here. We hope to put Crestline on to the map as a location where musicians will want to come to play,” said Stockade owner Chip Anzalone. “Be sure to read our Facebook page for upcoming acts. We want to celebrate Crestline and bring in a higher level of entertainment this next year. The Compton Cowboys are just the first in a series of new and different entertainment coming to Crestline.”



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