Optima Health opens Lake Arrowhead office

Sep 7, 2023 | Business, Health

Dr. Andro Sharobiem

After decades of serving the medical needs of his patients, Dr. Elwood Cohen has retired.

His practice in the medical building next to Mountains Community Hospital is being taken over by Optima Health under the direction of Andro Sharobiem, MD.

“We are very excited and honored to have the opportunity to provide quality healthcare to the residents of Lake Arrowhead and nearby communities,” said Dr. Sharobiem. “Additionally, we are looking forward to forging an even stronger relationship with Mountains Community Hospital which is located just steps away from the new office.”

“Our offices in Crestline and Lake Arrowhead are pretty close to one another,” noted Vicente Vazquez, MD. “But a number of our Crestline patients have remarked that a location nearer the hospital would make obtaining care even less stressful and worrisome. We’re happy to respond to those requests in a positive manner.”

The mission of Optima Health is to improve the health of patients served with a commitment to excellence and to offer the highest quality patient-centered care in a caring, compassionate and accessible manner.

Optima Health is proud to continue accepting the same health plans that Dr. Cohen accepted, including Regal Medical Group. Additionally, physician assistant Dwayne Lehman and the previous office staff will all be staying on board.

The office is located at 29099 Hospital Road #204 and can be reached at (909) 337-7771.


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